Minutes from Public Meeting held on Thursday 18th February 2016

  • Minutes from Public Meeting held on Thursday 18th February 2016

    Chairman – Dave Beattie,

    Secretary – Terry Myers, c/o GO@L

    1 Bowerswell Road, Perth PH2 7DL



    Meeting on Thursday 18th February 2016

    Gannochy Community Hall @ 7.30pm

    Present: Cllr Andrew Parrott, Dave Beattie(Chair), Jack Rivett (Vice-Chairman), Terry Myers (Secretary), Colin Styles (Treasurer), Ralph Anderson, Moira Bartrop, Maurice Gray, David Nicoll, Brian Raine, Colin Goodrum, Susan Morrison, Eric Scott, seven members of the public. Apology: Brian Raine

    The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

    Minutes of the Meeting on 19th November 2015 Approval: Proposed by Colin Styles; seconded by Jack Rivett and signed by Dave Beattie Matters Arising from the Minutes Speed Regulation in Gannochy Tayside Police were not present at the meeting. They will be invited to the next public meeting, on 19th May, with a request for an up-date on the 20mph speed limit in Gannochy, and any other local policing matters.

    Planning: Local Development Plan and Community Concerns Report on Housing Development in Scone The Local Development Plan, adopted in 2014, states that the Housing requirement at North Scone (H29, p142) is for 700 houses, of which 100 would be allowed in advance of the Cross-Tay Link Road (CTLR) becoming a “committed project”. Scone Community Council has established through Freedom of Information that such a project is one for which finance is in place and which is ready to begin. However, they are concerned that once the first 100 houses have been built, the CTLR may still not have achieved the status of a committed project. Of further concern is the prospect that a Developer would be in a position to achieve the objective of 700 houses by submitting successive proposals for 100 houses, all before CTLR has even begun. They acknowledge that “the battle was lost” at the consultation stage before adoption of the Plan. However they will continue to monitor the development of H29 to see that “if it happens, it does so properly and when the CTLR is in place, hence it all hangs on the key phrase committed project “. The prospect for BGK is a large increase in traffic and air pollution at Bridgend. Scone CC will keep BGKCC informed on further consultations. Main Issues Report (MIR) Questions were raised from the floor expressing strong concern over the ambitious programme of housing development it projected without a clear strategy for the roads infrastructure or evidence that there would be the funding to support it. At St Mary’s Monastery some years ago the Planners presented a computer model that predicted grid-lock in Perth by 2018 if the CTLR were not in place by then. Yet there is still no assurance that it will be even a committed project by 2020/21. The meeting was very concerned that PKC was putting the cart before the horse. Accompanying last year’s submission to the Planning Department was a letter (‘appendix’) in which careful consideration was given to some key elements that could reasonably be expected of a ‘Plan’ for the Development of Perth. There was no acknowledgement of this from the Planning Department. The meeting asked that the letter be submitted again, together with this year’s representation of the community’s answers to the questions raised in the MIR. Councillor Parrott, who shared our concerns, agreed that LDP2 should not go ahead of infrastructure.

    Millennium Park Steering Committee The new Steering Committee has met once, and now that Winter is hopefully going to give way to Spring it is high time for them to advise where in the park BGKCC would like to see planted the trees recently donated to Occupational Therapy (MRH) by the John Muir Trust. OT is one of the members of the Millennium Park Partnership being formed, along with the Walled Garden (PKAVS) where the trees are being held in an over-wintering shed. With a view to extending the uses of the Park, the Committeee will continue to liase with other potential partners. It will also re-visit the question of fund raising and follow-up some very interesting suggestions from the meeting: partnerships with local Supermarket Companies, for example Tesco and Asda.

    Left Bank Trust The Trust iniitated the successful bid for Charrette funding, with a view to developments at Norrie Miller Park, Stanner’s Island, and a footbridge to connect the Left Bank of the Tay to the City. The Council did not provide funds to support this and so LBT’s plans died on the vine. In January this year the Trust requested to be struck off the Register of Companies and it will cease its existence in May/June.

    Development Preview: Paddock Area at Muirhall Road A developer, at his own request, gave a preview of plans for an attractive small housing development, incorporating a garden and allotment for community use, in the paddock near the Millennium Park. His offer to make it available for use by Kinnoull School met with concern from the meeting that lack of adequate pavements would make access unsafe for children. Moreover, the area is designated as open space in the recently adopted LDP.

    Treasurer’s Report BGKCC 1373.16 MP 2729.98 Total 4103.14

    Date of Next Meeting; AGM, 19th May, 2016 at 7.30pm

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