Belated Minutes of Public Meeting Aug 18th 2016

  • Belated Minutes of Public Meeting Aug 18th 2016


    Chairman:  Jack Rivett

    Secretary:  Moira Bartrop c/o GO@L, 1 Bowerswell Road, PERTH PH2 7DL


    Minutes of Public Meeting

    Thursday, 18 August 2016



    Present:  Jack Rivett (Chair), Terry Myers, Colin Styles (Treasurer), Ralph Anderson, Moira Bartrop (Secretary), Maurice Gray, David Nicoll, Brian Raine, Colin Goodrum, Eric Scott, Cllr Andrew Parrott


    8 Members of the public attended this meeting


    Apologies:  Dave Beattie


    1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Community

    Council members, including Eric Scott who was co-opted following Peter McDougall’s

    resignation from BGKCC.


    1. Police Report

    No representative from the force was in attendance


    1. Review of the Minutes of the Public Meeting on 19 May 2016 and Matters arising

    The Chairman reviewed the minutes    Murray Royal Hospital

    Murray Royal Hospital security statistics

    Football pitch

    Planning matters:  Murray Royal Hospital

    :  The Paddock

    Dog waste bins


    A member of the public interjected from the floor that the minutes did not reflect the business of the last meeting as there was no record of the presence of the representatives of Police Scotland nor of their lengthy and valuable contribution to the meeting and he requested that this omission be rectified.


    Terry Myers replied that as a courtesy to Police Scotland’s Sgt McKeag and PC Ferguson (to enable them to make their contribution to the meeting but to allow them then to leave and go about their normal duties) their involvement in the evening’s proceedings had formed part of the AGM and hence their input was recorded in the minutes of the AGM

    which will be available at the next AGM in 2017.


    Colin Styles added that Police Scotland had not been in contact with BGKCC since the Annual General Meeting in May.



    It was agreed that the minutes of the public meeting on 19 May 2016 could not be signed till they were amended to include the Police Scotland contribution.


    1. Planning

                  NHST – the application to form another entrance to the Murray Royal Hospital has been withdrawn but we have still not been able to arrange a meeting with NHST director Ken Armstrong to discuss our concerns.  Jack Rivett read out the draft of a proposed letter to NHST highlighting the BGK community’s concerns (copy attached).  Graham Fleming asked if this draft would, in effect, become a press release:  he noted that the local press would pick up on it from reading the minutes of tonight’s meeting.


    The Paddock Development – objections to this application must be submitted by 26 August 2016 and BGKCC will forward its letter of opposition by that date.  Colin Styles pointed out that this application had been allocated a completely different number hence anyone who might have objected previously needed to make a new objection.  Alterations to the original application include additional parking and a bike stand!  The applicants state that there are no issues associated with the proposed site in respect of access, refuse collection or air pollution.  Jack Rivett displayed plans that accompanied the application and invited those attending to view them.


    1. 20mph Speed Limit in Gannochy

    Jack Rivett informed the meeting that new 20mph road markings were in place on Gannochy Road, and Gannochy Green with additional 20mph signs having been placed on street furniture around Gannochy.  Examples were given of other streets in the area that require traffic calming yet where no signage had been erected, such as Pitcullen Terrace where cars still can be seen travelling at 40mph and the possibility of installing sleeping policemen was mooted.  Colin Styles noted that these queries were just one of the reasons why we have been trying to set up a meeting with PKC and Police Scotland – since November 2015, to no avail.


    1. The Millennium Park

    Terry Myers reported that currently the Park is looking well but that there have been a couple of issues that BGKCC has had to deal with in relation to its use and upkeep.  The question of insurance has proved complex but, through correspondence with Lorraine Hay at PKC, it transpires that BGKCC’s needs (in general terms) are covered by PKC’s Public Liability Insurance though cover for any “Special Events” that might be planned would need to be applied for specifically.  Graham Fleming pointed out that, since it is impossible to legislate for what might happen in the future, it is unlikely that PKC would help out in terms of the “Tenants’ Obligations”  or “Burdens” quoted in the tenancy agreement with our landlords.


    Terry reported that he had made it clear to our landlords that  BGKCC welcomes the co-operation of community partners such Community Payback Scheme, The Walled Garden, and the Occupational Therapy Dept. at the Murray Royal Hospital in maintaining the Park, and also that we wish to increase the use of the Park by all members of our community.  The Occupation Therapy Dept. recently planted a number of perennial plants in the Park.





    1. Football Pitch

    Maurice Gray reported that he had written to Mark Anderson of the Property Dept. at NHST to stress the need to complete remedial work on the football pitch before the end of August.  He described the token effort that had been made earlier to improve the pitch with soil and grass seed.  He then went on to explain the contents of his complaint to the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman re the Planning Department’s failures regarding the football pitch.  The SPSO rejected BGKCC’s complaint as it is “not a member of the public”.  He is still awaiting a reply to his latest correspondence with SPSO.


    NHS T Letter


    The Chairman read out the following letter stating the reasons that BGK CC wanted a meeting with Senior Management in NHS Tayside


    The purpose of the meeting with senior management of NHS was the following:

    Our local community has been very supportive of NHS in the setting up of a medium secure unit in our area. The Community Council has worked hard with our community to gain acceptance for this somewhat fear raising unit in our midst and to ensure that good and fair representation of the Unit’s performance is reported. The community had to accept a very disruptive building period as well as damage to roads and walls. NHS offered very little in return. They offered to re-establish the football pitch and to cut car usage to the hospital by staff by 28% such that traffic congestion and air pollution would not be further impaired. Not much in return?, but we accepted it.

    Since the new facilities have been established, NHS Tayside has treated this community with total disdain. They failed to deliver a football pitch, the only one on this side of the river. And they have failed to properly engage with the Community Council in working this issue for about 3 years. To date, we have a grass area that cannot be used as a football pitch.

    NHS Tayside has reneged on their traffic plan. There has been no attempt to enforce it. Senior members of Murray Royal staff are totally unaware of this plan. To make matters worse they have increased car usage by closing the Scone Birch Avenue clinic and relocating it into the hospital.

    The last straw for the community was the recent planning application for new access to the hospital which was supported by a fraudulent letter. To force the application, NHS Tayside prepared a fraudulent safety case, which had it not been uncovered would have allowed the proposal to go through unchallenged. NHS Tayside is now running roughshod over our community. What little trust this community has held has been destroyed.

    Significant new development is proposed for the hospital surplus land and assets. We need a new set of rules. NHS Tayside needs to find a set of responsible, honest people that the community can work with and we need powerful community safeguards in place for the future projects.

    NHS Tayside has set a very turbulent course for our future journeys.



    1. Treasurer’s Report

    Colin Styles listed BGKCC’s accounts:


    Friends of Millennium Park                 £ 190.00

    Millennium Park                                   £2981.52

    (includes donation of £441.54 from the Left Bank Trust)

    Community Council (General)             £1355.20

    TOTAL                                                £4526.72


    The treasurer asked if anyone required to be paid for any outgoings they had incurred and mentioned the work carried out at the Millennium Park by David Nicol, for which he had not claimed any remuneration.  Colin concluded that BGKCC had no liabilities at this time and explained that as BGKCC has more than £700 in its account it is not eligible for further funding from PKC.


    1. Meeting with Police Scotland and PKC

    Jack Rivett explained that BGKCC has been trying, unsuccessfully, to set up a

    meeting with these two bodies since November 2015.  Yet again we have been asked to submit a list of the issues for discussion – it is frustrating to be fobbed off time and again with spurious excuses why a meeting cannot be arranged.


    1. AOB

    It was noted that the Witchill planning application had been refused.

    A member of the public remarked that the grounds of the Murray Royal Hospital, with the high grass, and potholed access road to the Walled Garden, were looking unkempt and neglected.  Jack Rivett intimated that BGKCC can alert the Hospital that a member of the public has raised concerns about the apparent lack of grounds maintenance.

    Rev Graham Crawford introduced himself as the new minister of Kinnoull Parish Church and informed the meeting that he wants to be a part of the local community, is keen to be of assistance where possible and the Manse door is always open!


    1. 11. Date of next public meeting: Thursday, 17 November 2016

                  7.30pm, Gannochy Community Hall



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