Letter of Complaint to NHS Tayside

  • Letter of Complaint to NHS Tayside

    From: BGK CC
    Sent: 20 September 2016 10:40
    To: lmclay@nhs.net
    Subject: Letter of Complaint from Bridgend, Gannochy and Kinnoull Community Council


    Dear Ms McLay

    As chairman of Bridgend, Gannochy and Kinnoull Community Council, I wish to draw your urgent attention to a serious number of concerns and unresolved issues which have arisen in our dealings with NHS Tayside. Some three months ago, we called for a meeting with Mr Ken Armstrong in order that we could find a route to address our concerns and avoid any unnecessary escalation and correct any misunderstandings. The meeting was agreed, arranged and then cancelled at the last moment by Mr Armstrong. Our subsequent attempts to resurrect this meeting have failed. We have been offered a  meeting with Mr Mark Anderson, but have declined this offer as previous meetings with this gentleman have failed to make any progress on the most straightforward of our issues, the restoration of a usable football pitch at the Murray Royal Hospital.

    We are vexed by our inability to meet with Mr Armstrong. Our community has met with him frequently in the past and have, together,  managed to steer our way through many of the complex areas of contention that arose during the Redevelopment of the Murray Royal Hospital.

    Below is a summary of the items that we wish to address and which we had hoped to resolve in a meeting with a board level member of your organisation. I think that you will agree with me that, from our local community’s perspective, these are major concerns which need to be resolved quickly and amicably. 


    1. Murray Royal Football Pitch 

    This is the only pitch on this side of the river and a number of local teams are keen to use it. It was a planning condition of the hospital redevelopment that this pitch was to be fully reinstated.  In short, it hasn’t.  And this is despite 3 years of badgering Mr Anderson and his associates.


    2. Murray Royal Traffic Plan

     A further condition of the hospital redevelopment was that staff vehicle usage was to be reduced by 28%. This was to avoid further congestion and pollution on local roads. Car parking space at the new hospital was reduced consistent with this plan. There is no Traffic Plan. Indeed, by moving the Birch Avenue Clinic to the hospital, it is likely that traffic has increased versus the base.  This has resulted in overflow parking at the walled garden, local roads and random parking around the hospital.


    3 Sale of hospital land and surplus assets 

    Ryden Associates compiled a sales study which included a Traffic Report prepared by Mott McDermot. This lengthy document purported to show that, for the development scenarios presented, the local road system could cope without investment. Technical experts within our community studied this report and found significant errors that caused the study to be seriously flawed. We reported our findings to NHS Tayside and Ryden. Our concerns were ignored. The same transport study is included in the current marketing material.


    4 New Access to Morden Ward and walled garden from Muirhall Road 

    A planning application was filed for this new access. A key, indeed the only, justification for this access was a letter from the health board’s fire and safety officer stating that access to Morden ward was jeopardised by the state of the existing entrance and it was imperative that a new access is provided. It is difficult to refute a planning application made on safety grounds especially when endorsed by a responsible safety officer.  The only thing is, the safety officer did not write it, was not aware of it, nor did he endorse its contents. Like us, he was concerned that overflow parking was compromising safety.  This he declared, in public, at a meeting of our community council. 

    Our council was outraged. NHS Tayside’s response was to withdraw the application for minor amendment and then slip in a Listed Building Application for the same access.

    This last action is, from our perspective, a serious act of deception and a fraud which has been perpetrated against our community. In any ethical organisation, this would be followed by a detailed enquiry and termination of those responsible. NHS Tayside seems to have treated this event with impunity and explain it as a simple mistake. 

    That this latter event does not appear to have rung significant alarm bells in your organisation fills us with gloom, apprehension and grave misgivings about our future dealings with your health board.

    As a community we have a major mental health establishment in our area and a massive development scheduled for the former hospital’s assets. If we can’t trust the health board, I see a route ahead filled with conflict and turbulence.  Today, we have no trust in your organisation. I think you will agree that a high level meeting is overdue.



    Jack Rivett

    Chairman BGK CC

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