Minutes of Public Meeting Held on 17th November 2016

  • Minutes of Public Meeting Held on 17th November 2016



    Chairman:  Jack Rivett

    Secretary:  Moira Bartrop c/o GO@L, 1 Bowerswell Road, PERTH PH2 7DL




    Minutes of Public Meeting

    Thursday, 17 November 2016



    Present:  Jack Rivett (Chair), Dave Beattie (Vice Chair), Terry Myers, Colin Styles (Treasurer), Moira Bartrop (Secretary), Maurice Gray, David Nicoll, Brian Raine, Eric Scott, Cllr Andrew Parrott


    7 Members of the public


    Apologies:  Ralph Anderson, Colin Goodrum



    Immediately prior to the Chair, Jack Rivett, formally opening the meeting, a member of the public requested that BGKCC apologise to Police Scotland for not including their May report in the minutes of the AGM.  Jack Rivett explained the confusion that arose as a result of trying to avoid having the constables sit through the AGM before making their report as part of the public meeting that followed.  Dave Beattie stated that all errors pertaining to the May meetings had been amended and the correct minutes had been published.  Jack Rivett explained that there is a convention that the minutes of the AGM are not published till the AGM the following year; he further noted that in 2017 the Police Report will not be included in the AGM but in the Public Meeting.


    1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and went on to enumerate outstanding items from the minutes of the meeting on 18 August after which the minutes of that meeting were duly approved:

    dog waste bins – still awaiting an update

    planning – the Witchill application has gone to appeal

    football pitch – to be discussed later in the meeting

    meeting with Police Scotland and PKC – report follows later in the meeting


    1. PKC Roads Dept. – members of BGKCC had met with representatives of this department on Tuesday, 15 November; in preparation for a meeting BGKCC had collated a list of traffic concerns along with proposed solutions (details will be made available on the BGKCC website)

    (i) Lochie Brae and continuing congestion at Bridgend – it may be possible to change

    the sequence of lights at Bridgend to prevent cars blocking the yellow box and also to

    make the left hand lane coming down Lochie Brae for traffic going straight ahead over

    the bridge, and turning left, whilst the right hand lane would accommodate a right turn






    (ii) Speeding on Gannochy Road – a suggestion that rumble strips or sleeping policemen

    be installed on the road was dismissed as they created too much noise; the cost of

    installing flashing speed signs is approximately £5000.  A request to PKC for

    information regarding the effect of police presence on Gannochy Road in deterring

    speeding drivers, replied to by Daryl McKeown, showed that 36 drivers had been

    cautioned.  A member of the public stated that Police Scotland was to be praised for

    their professionalism.

    Further traffic issues raised by members of the public were:

    (a) what would be the effect of Gannochy Trust’s proposal to build 50 houses on

    Gannochy Road?

    (b) the proposed location of the VAS was not beneficial

    (c) what effect does a VAS have on the volume and speed of traffic?

    (d) do we need a culture change in our approach to traffic speed and impose a 20mph

    limit in all built up areas?

    (e) speeding on Gannochy Road had been made worse by the installation of double

    yellow lines (Cllr Andrew Parrott replied that yellow lines DO NOT encourage


    PC McKeown reported that we would need to approach the Roads Policing Department

    for any statistics on the effects of VAS on traffic and reiterated that speeding traffic is a

    big problem everywhere.

    Jack Rivett informed the meeting that BGKCC will be working closely with PKC and

    Police Scotland on traffic issues and that another meeting with all three parties would

    take place in January 2017.




    1. Police Report

    PCs McKeown and McLeod introduced themselves as Response Officers based in Perth and explained that a new Community Group will be formed, comprising 8 officers, a sergeant and an inspector based in the city.  Though they had no information to pass on they were keen to take back any concerns to their senior colleagues.  The officers assessed that roads and traffic are more of a concern in the BGKCC area than theft/burglary/assault and would alert their police roads patrol team accordingly.  They also advised the meeting to be vigilant about locking cars, sheds and houses and in return were told that BGKCC would encourage the local community to log on to Facebook and to our website for information.   Colin Styles informed the officers of BGKCC’s email address and website.  Questions posed to the officers by members of the public included:

    what is the legal position on taking photographs of speeding vehicles?

    PC McKeown stated that there was little point but that the Procurator Fiscal would give a definitive answer


    what should be done about vehicles parked on the pavement?

    PC McKeown responded that we should dial 101 to report the incident at the time it happens


    do the police have a target response time to calls from the public?

    PC McKeown explained that calls are triaged and responded to appropriately


    from a public safety perspective and given the dangerous nature of some of the patients/inmates/clients why do the police not report statistics on the number of call outs relating to the Murray Royal Hospital and how many “residents” do abscond?

    PC McKeown explained that NHST would be able to supply figures on absconcions and confirmed that any report of an absconder is given the highest priority and responded to speedily by the police


    The police officers affirmed that they would convey the meeting’s concerns regarding the Murray Royal Hospital to their inspector and Cllr Andrew Parrott said he would also raise the concerns with the appropriate authorities.


    1. Planning

                  The Gannochy Trust has circulated information about its proposal to build 50 homes on Gannochy Road; BGKCC has been invited to meet with the Trust on 6 December and public consultations have been scheduled in the Gannochy Community Hall at 2pm and 6pm on 22 November.


    1. The Millennium Park

    Terry Myers outlined the current status of the park and the challenges involved in maintaining 7 acres of land with a limited number of people interested and able to help.  Plans for the future involve increasing the facilities in the park and the numbers of people using the park.  Terry identified the Occupational Therapy Department at the Murray Royal Hospital as one of 8 potential “partners” that may develop the park in years to come.


    1. NHST – Football Pitch

    Maurice Gray reported to the meeting that he had raised a complaint against PKC with regard to their failure to ensure that the football pitch at the Murray Royal Hospital was properly re-instated after the development of the site.  Previously, the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman had rejected his complaint made on behalf of BGKCC as the Ombudsman cannot accept a complaint from a Community Council.  The complaint was re-submitted by Maurice Gray, acting as a member of the public, and it has now been accepted.  BGKCC members raised this matter, together with other issues, when they met with John Swinney MSP on 14 November, and minutes of this meeting are included with these minutes.   See Appendix 1


    1. NHST – Meeting with BGKCC

    Finally, a meeting with representatives of NHST has been set up to take place on 6 December:  Jenny Brodie and Mark Valentine will attend; there has till been no communication from Mark Anderson of the Property Department at NHST.












    1. Treasurer’s Report

    Colin Styles reported that £24.30 had been spent on materials for maintenance in the Millennium Park; other expenditure included £12 honoraria to the Gannochy Hall keeper and the staff at Go@l.  Future expenditure would include £60 (discounted from £80) for our Annual Entries in the Kinnoull School Parents Assoc. 2017 Calendar.  Colin then listed BGKCC’s accounts:


    Friends of Millennium Park                 £ 190.00

    Millennium Park                                   £2957.22

    Community Council (General)             £1319.21

    TOTAL                                                £4466.43




    1. 9. AOB

    A member of the public reported that there appeared to be a problem with the BGKCC website as she had been unable to use the “Contact Us” item to do just that.  Jack Rivett replied that the issue would be rectified once Ralph Anderson returned from vacation and liaised with the website administrators.

    Colin Styles advocated vigilance with regards to planning applications since NHST will continue to attempt developing the remaining land at the hospital.


    Councillor’s Report

                  Cllr Andrew Parrott announced that he was delighted to see the return of Community Policing.

    Mr Parrott broached the topic of Dundee Road residents lobbying for a pedestrian crossing near the railway bridge – it is felt a crossing is needed here due to the mix of traffic, particularly at peak times.  Colin Styles asked if Mr Parrott could find out from Cllr Heather Stewart why she thought that Police Scotland would NOT want a crossing as proposed for the Dundee Road.

    Members of the public variously listed the problems caused by parking on the river side of Tay Street (restricts access to the Queen’s Bridge and provokes drivers into jumping the traffic lights) and buses blocking the roadway in various places as there were no “pull-ins” for them – this latter apparently due to current planning policy!


    Attending a BGKCC meeting for the first time, Ian Morgan of News Direct at Bridgend stated that he was happy to help the local community in any small way he could.  Another member of the public praised him for the improvement to the corner at Bridgend since he had taken over and renovated the property.  Thanks were offered to Cllrs Parrott and McLellan for their efforts and support with regard to local issues, particularly traffic on Gannochy Road.


    1. Date of next public meeting: Thursday, 16 February 2017

                  7.30pm, Gannochy Community Hall




    Appendix 1 –


    Meeting with John Swinney, 14th Nov 2016

    The meeting focused on two planning conditions associated with the Murray Royal Hospital which BGKCC felt had not been enforced:

    1. Restoration of the football pitch.
    2. Reduction of hospital staff traffic by 28% vs Base to reduce impact on local congestion and pollution.

    1 Football pitch

    We explained that the pitch is still not usable some 3-4 years after completion of the hospital works. After numerous attempts to resolve this matter engaging PKC and NHS Tayside, we complained to the Ombudsman that PKC had failed to enforce the planning conditions. The Ombudsman rejected our complaints on the basis that Community Councils could not access the Ombudsman service.

    John was reluctant to involve himself in the role of the Ombudsman, but was concerned when he heard of the state of the current pitch and of our level of frustration in trying to resolve this. John undertook to raise this issue with both PKC and NHS Tayside with a view to resolving the current stand off.


    2 Hospital Traffic Reduction

    To ensure reduced hospital vehicle usage, the parking spaces at the new hospital were limited. This step hasn’t reduced vehicle usage but has instead resulted in traffic parked in adjacent streets and, in particular, around the walled garden.

    NHS TAYSIDE submitted a planning application early this year to construct a new entrance to the hospital from Muirhall Road. This was said to be required for safety reasons since fire vehicles were finding difficulties accessing the hospital via the current walled garden road. The letter justifying this requirement was supposedly written by their Fire Safety Officer. Only, he didn’t write it, didn’t know about it and didn’t support It! He, like us, felt the major access problem was due to excessive vehicle parking around the walled garden.

    BGKCC objected to the application and exposed the fraudulent letter. Our CC have repeatedly asked for a high level meeting with the Health Board to get to the root of the letter and to understand how this affair has been managed. To date a meeting has not been set up.

    John was most concerned to hear of our version of how the disputed letter arose. He plans to make contact with NHS Tayside to understand the background to this letter. He encouraged us to try to meet with the Health Board and feed back to him any outcomes.

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