Minutes of Public Meeting Thursday, 16 February 2017

  • Minutes of Public Meeting Thursday, 16 February 2017



    Chairman:  Jack Rivett

    Secretary:  Moira Bartrop c/o GO@L, 1 Bowerswell Road, PERTH PH2 7DL




    Minutes of Public Meeting

    Thursday, 16 February 2017



    Present:  Jack Rivett (Chair), Dave Beattie (Vice Chair), Terry Myers, Colin Styles (Treasurer), Moira Bartrop (Secretary), Ralph Anderson, Colin Goodrum, Maurice Gray, David Nicoll, Cllr Peter Barrett, Cllr Andrew Parrott


    7 Members of the public, 2 representatives of Police Scotland:  Gary Lamb and Nick Scrambeli


    Apologies:  Eric Scott, Mr Gallacher


    1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and offered apologies.


    1. Police Report – Sgt Lamb and PC Scrambeli reported on various issues affecting the local area. These included thefts from vehicles (perpetrator caught), vandalism and a road traffic accident. In response to a query about the broken window at the barber shop at Bridgend the officers reported that investigations were still on-going.  Jack Rivett reported incidents of eggs being thrown at houses – this activity is prevalent in Oakbank and Craigie where shopkeepers are encouraged not to sell eggs to children!  A member of the public raised a query first posed at the public meeting in November viz what was the legal position regarding taking photographs of speeding vehicles?  Sgt Lamb intimated that it was not a criminal offence but of little value since it would not be proof of the speed at which the vehicle was travelling.  In response to a further question posed to the officers regarding the number of times police are called to the Murray Royal Hospital the Chairman indicated that this was a subject which would be dealt with later in the meeting.  The subject of speeding on local roads was discussed: it was noted that 20mph is still dangerous and socially responsible driving should be encouraged; the presence of police traffic patrols on Gannochy Road towards the end of 2016 had been welcome.  As well as driving over the speed limit there were reports of anti-social noise levels from vehicles on Corsie Hill.  The Chairman reported that there are moves to reduce the speed limit on Muirhall Road from 60mph to 40mph at the approach to the city from Deuchny Woods.  Colin Styles reiterated the problem caused by cars entering the yellow box at Bridgend and blocking the crossroads and wondered if PKC might introduce the use of cardboard cut-out PCs that had reportedly proved successful in Fife.  The officers indicated that they would report back the issues raised at the meeting but noted that Police Scotland’s resources and manpower are severely constrained.  The Chairman thanked the officers for attending the meeting.



    1. PKC Roads Dept. – The Chairman reported that another meeting between the roads dept. and BGKCC should have been held before tonight’s meeting but he had had no contact from the appropriate person. Conversely, a member of the public reported that they had had a favourable response when they had contacted PKC Roads Dept. Referring to the information that Chick Haggart of PKC Roads dept. had not replied to telephone calls or emails Graham Fleming asked if the two PKC councillors present could act to have the poor standard of conduct by PKC employees improved.  Messrs Barrett and Parrott indicated that they would address this and asked to be copied in to any correspondence with PKC where BGKCC felt they were being ignored.



    1. Review of minutes of public meeting on 17 November 2016

    The Chairman indicated that most of the items raised would be dealt with later in this

    evening’s meeting.  Cllr Barrett reported that the pedestrian crossing which Dundee Road residents had petitioned PKC for would eventually happen at some distant time when funding became available.


    1. Planning

                  The Chairman thanked the meeting for the letters/notes written objecting to the proposed development of 700 houses at Scone and enumerated several other planning applications in the area:  The Paddock, Muirhall Road – rejected; The Reservoir, Muirhall Road –withdrawn; Fourways – rejected but may appeal.  Mrs Gallacher queried the Gannochy Trust application to build 50 houses at the end of Gannochy Road as she felt that might result in further 50-100 cars using the road.  It was noted that the application was for planning, not for building.  Graham Fleming outlined the potential conflict of interest faced by the local authority – the need to have more, affordable housing versus the resulting poor air quality created by the vehicles driven by the new residents!  Cllr Barrett remarked that, whilst appreciating Graham’s comments, sometimes the local authority was over-ridden by higher power e.g. national government; this observation was endorsed by Cllr Parrott.  Dave Beattie stated that greater emphasis needs to be placed on developing housing/infrastructure in tandem (local issues) and cited the Kinnoull Primary School where pupils daily breathe in polluted air (national issue) from the queues of traffic outside in the Dundee Road.

    Jack Rivett reported that leaflets supporting Scone and District CC’s opposition to the proposed building of 700 houses had been distributed in the BGKCC area and thanked News Direct for doing so at no cost.


    1. The Millennium Park

    Terry Myers presented an aerial photograph of the Park and described to the meeting his

    vision for BGKCC’s future development of the area in conjunction with various local “partners”. (see attached)  He emphasised the educational aspect of working with the Occupational Therapy department at MRH, offering rehabilitation opportunities to the “low secure” patients.  Terry noted that the proposal to plant the gifted trees had been approved in essence at the last CC meeting but the opinion of the Park neighbours would be sought before any action would be taken.  Correspondence from the Park’s landlords indicated that they would offer no objection to the tree planting as long as the view over the Park was not obstructed.



    1. NHST – Football Pitch

    A planned meeting had been postponed due to illness


    1. NHST – Meeting with BGKCC

    A meeting to discuss the proposal to create a new entrance into the hospital grounds is scheduled for 20 February and will be reported on at the next CC meeting in March.  It seems likely MRH will re-apply to create a new entrance given that the remaining buildings have been sold for development as a hotel.


    1. NHST – Meeting with Murray Royal Hospital Management

    At a meeting with Barbara Wilson of the hospital’s Rohallion Unit Jack Rivett and Terry Myers were given figures relating to the number of unauthorised absconcions from the hospital:  between May 2016 and January 2017 there were 2 incidents at the low secure unit.  It was revealed that it costs in the region of £500 per day to look after a patient in MRH.  As a result of new practices in assessing and treating potential patients there may be a change in the occupancy levels at the MRH – there are currently empty beds in the Rohallion Unit. Ms Wilson indicated that she would be pleased to attend future CC meetings.


    1. Treasurer’s Report

    Colin Styles reported that £60 had been spent on 4 adverts in the Kinnoull School Parents’ Assoc. 2017 Calendar. Further expenditure included membership of the Civic Trust, PKC insurance cover for BGKCC’s assets (laptop, screen and projector) and the purchase of an aerial photograph of the Millennium Park.  He then listed BGKCC’s accounts:


    Friends of Millennium Park                 £ 190.00

    Millennium Park                                   £2957.22

    Community Council (General)             £1223.93

    TOTAL                                                £4371.15


    1. 11. Meetings with PKC and Police Scotland

    scheduled for 13 May 2017


    1. Ward 12 Councillors’ Report

                  Road safety on the Scone Road will be reviewed with particular emphasis on the speed limit, the siting of a pedestrian crossing and signage at Whinniemuir.

    Questions put to the Councillors:

    (i) are there road repairs in the pipeline for our area?

    Cllr Barrett reported that he had sent a list of potholes to the Roads Dept. – those over 60cm deep will dealt with speedily


    (ii) why do town maps not show anything on the BGKCC side of the river?

                  Cllr Parrott answered that such maps tend to indicate the city centre, not the whole city, but agreed to investigate the possibility of including our side of the river


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