Annual General Meeting Minutes 18 May 2017

  • Annual General Meeting Minutes 18 May 2017


    Chairman – Jack Rivett

    Secretary – Moira Bartrop c/o GO@L, 1 Bowerswell Road, Perth PH2 7DL  Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 18 May 2017 Gannochy Community Hall @ 7.30pm

    Present:   Jack Rivett (Chairman), Dave Beattie(Vice-Chairman), Moira Bartrop, (Secretary), Colin Styles (Treasurer), Maurice Gray, David Nicoll, Brian Raine,  Eric Scott, and fifteen members of the public.


    Apologies:  Ralph Anderson, Colin Goodrum, Terry Myers, Cllr Peter Barrett,

    Murdo Fraser MSP


    1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting, noting that it was heart-warming to see so many local residents in attendance. After presenting two newly-elected Ward 12 Councillors, Eric Drysdale and Chris Ahern, to the assembly, the Chairman went on to introduce Daryl McKeown of PKC Roads Dept. and Stephen Greig of The Gannochy Trust.



    1. Minutes of AGM on Thursday 19 May 2016 Prior to the minutes of the 2016 AGM being adopted, having been proposed by Colin Styles and seconded by David Nicoll, the Chairman explained the mix-up in those minutes inadvertently including the Police Report which should have been recorded in the minutes of the public meeting – this error was rectified.


    1. Chairman’s Report

    It has been a strange, but busy year, since taking over as Chairman in May 2016.

    We had a few settling in issues with production and distribution of minutes, correctly and in a timely fashion. Hopefully we now have all settled into our new roles and are working together to ensure details are delivered correctly.

    We are seeing a growth of locals connecting to our BGKCC Facebook Page and our website, We try and keep these up to date with any relevant information for our community.

    Planning Issues –

    BGKCC objected to the following Planning Applications –

    Witchill, Kinnoull Terrace

    The Paddock – off Muirhall Road

    Fourways – crossroads of Manse Road and Hatton Road

    Muirhall Road Reservoir

    Access from Fernhill House to Sir Brian Soutar’s field off Bellwood Park is a legal entitlement but plans submitted were insufficient for BGKCC to understand the intention of the access and this was commented to PKC.

    Change of use for Antiques Warehouse to 14 Flats at Scone Aerodrome

    NHS T MRH new access from Muirhall Road.

    All these projects were refused planning permission for differing reasons. The Paddock is at the Appeal Stage and also Witchill has been through the appeal.

    NHS T intends to reapply for an additional entrance to MRH so we will have to wait and see the new proposal.

    It is NOT the Community Council’s intention to object to every Planning Application for single houses or extensions unless the situation would impact on the general community. It is up to neighbours to object to local activities.

    Our CC continues to have meaningful discussions with PKC Roads Department to try and alleviate some of the issues causing our community the most concern. Gannochy will have (hopefully) a couple of VAS (vehicle speed signs) to try and make drivers aware to stick to 20MPH. Hopefully one will also be installed on Muirhall Road leading to town.  At the top end of Muirhall Road, after Corsie Hill Road, the new 40MPH limit has been introduced and PKC will carry out a fresh speed check on the road.

    Dundee Road will have Traffic Lights (Puffin Crossing) around the area where the footpath from the Railway Bridge meets Dundee Road. A VAS will be positioned around Islay View to make drivers aware of the speed limit.

    BGKCC will, of course, continue to have dialogue with PKC & Police Scotland about continually enforcing these limits.  Anyone who uses the roads on a daily basis will indeed know that these speed issues are not isolated to Perth.

    BGKCC recognised several years ago that the air pollution caused by congestion and queueing traffic is seriously impacting on the health of our community. It is interesting that the rest of the UK is becoming aligned with our concerns. We have been urging PKC to invest in improved infrastructure. To date PKC has taken the position that the Cross Tay Link (not yet funded) will alleviate local congestion. We remain to be convinced that this lone improvement will result in any significant improvement, particularly when the advent of this single carriageway bridge will herald the construction of many hundreds more homes.  Until, and unless, we see infrastructure improvements, we will continue to object to any development that is shown to result in additional road traffic.


    Millennium Park –

    The Park continues to be managed, under the control of Terry Myers. Grass cutting is done on a very regular basis and we currently are trying to get the verges done more frequently. Weed control is also undertaken.  Some 30 trees have been added, birch, rowan and cherry, to enhance the look of the park.

    NHS T –

    BGKCC continues to have regular meetings with differing sections of NHS T to ensure we know what is happening within Murray Royal Hospital. Even after 4 years, there still is not a useable football pitch, which was a PKC Planning restriction. This has been escalated to the Ombudsman but is so frustratingly slow! NHS T have committed to having a useable pitch by September 2017. Time will tell. We also escalated the issue of the fraudulent letter, associated with the failed Planning Application for the new access, to John Swinney, Deputy First Minister but again, this has not been satisfactorily handled at all and we manfully progress.

    BCKCC took a decision to distribute a Newsletter to every house within our area and hopefully all have received one. In this modern digital age, so few purchase newspapers or even listen to the news therefore are unaware what is going on locally. We are trying to make residents aware of what BGKCC does within the area and what is going on. Reaction will be gauged to determine if this practice is to be continued

    Going forward into the next year will bring more issues for the CC to be involved in.  Gannochy Housing project for 48 houses will have an additional impact on the local environment with Air Quality and congestion being of prime concern. Added to this, is the likelihood of additional housing in Scone and the redevelopment of MRH grounds.

    The Bus Stop in Corsie Way had a hard surface installed and our thanks to Maurice Gray for pursuing this diligently.

    I would like to record my heartfelt thanks to all our Community Council members and associates who have assisted me over the last 12 months and hopefully we will continue going forward.


    The Chairman commented that this week the BGKCC Facebook page had attracted over 100 hits, perhaps due to the delivery of the newsletter?  He also posed the question how the 10th anniversary of the Millennium Park should be celebrated.





    1. Treasurer’s Report Colin Styles itemised expenditure incurred by BGKCC over the past 12 months

    Printing                               £165.28

    Advertising                         £ 60.00

    Website                               £ 23.99

    Millennium Park Project    £ 24.30

    Civic Trust Membership    £ 15.00

    Gratuities                            £ 21.99

    Insurance (PKC)                £  6.70



    Bank Balance at 31/03/17 was £4095.17 made up as follows:      Friends of Millennium Park          £   190.00      Millennium Park Project               £ 2957.22             Community Council (General)      £ 1072.23                                                             £ 4219.45


    Colin explained that BGKCC’s bank balance means that we are not eligible for any

    additional funds from PKC.


    The accounts were formally proposed by Jack Rivett and seconded by Brian Raine.



    1. Officer Bearers     

         The Chairman noted that there would be no change in the line-up of the

    CC’s office bearers elected at the 2016 AGM:

         Chairman: Jack Rivett      Vice-Chairman: Dave Beattie      Secretary: Moira Bartrop      Treasurer: Colin Styles     


    1. Date of Next AGM –  Thursday 17th May 2018










    Jack Rivett

    Chairman BGKCC

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