Minutes of Public Meeting 18th May 2017

  • Minutes of Public Meeting 18th May 2017



    Chairman:  Jack Rivett

    Secretary:  Moira Bartrop c/o GO@L, 1 Bowerswell Road, PERTH PH2 7DL




    Minutes of Public Meeting

    Thursday, 18 May 2017



    Present:  Jack Rivett (Chair), Dave Beattie (Vice Chair), Colin Styles (Treasurer), Moira Bartrop (Secretary), Maurice Gray, David Nicoll, Brian Raine, Eric Scott.

    15 members of the public, Cllr Chris Ahern, Cllr Eric Drysdale, Stephen Greig (Gannochy Trust)

    and Daryl McKeown (PKC Roads Dept.)


    Apologies:  Ralph Anderson, Colin Goodrum, Terry Myers, Cllr Peter Barrett,

    Murdo Fraser MSP


    1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and offered apologies.


    1. Police Report.

    Though no representative of Police Scotland was in attendance, Sgt Gary Lamb

    had submitted a written report:


    “Police Report for 18th May BGK CC Report

    By way of Police contribution to the meeting may I please provide the following:

    From the last meeting we have continued patrols around the problematic speeding locations and I hope your members have seen the increased spot checks conducted by our roads policing patrols.  The community team have also traced a number of teenage car drivers within the Kinnoull Hill car parks and they have been warned under the auspices of anti-social behaviour legislation about loud exhausts and responsible driving.  In truth the drivers traced were all very decent young men and I believe the education and warnings given should suffice, I hope you have noticed a difference?

    Since the last meeting I have also installed PC Neil Wilkie as the community link Constable at Balnacraig School and Kinnoull Primary.  Neil has received reports of children gathering, drinking and smoking within the rear grounds of Kinnoull Primary and we are now in possession of a key for the gates and we are making regular checks at weekends and during school holidays, and will continue to do so.

    We have received a number of complaints from the public about youths drinking at Quarry Mill and we have increased patrols in this area at peak times.  There is evidence of drinking and we aim to tackle this pro-actively in the coming weeks.  I have briefed the safer community wardens who are now fully aware and are building proactive patrols into their matrix, especially at weekends.

    There have also been a few calls to the ground of Murray Royal where children have been frequenting a derelict building to drink alcohol and generally hang out.  Patrols have been increased and we are monitoring the situation.

    The incident at the bollards at Langley Drive end of Mount Tabor Lane the police have no further information.

    The cyclist laying prone on the pavement beside Scone Road (Sat 6th May) was not an incident reported to the Police and therefore was probably a medical incident.

    Please let me know how the meeting goes and feed back in any other issues there may be, my team and I will do our very best to address them.”



    1. Review of minutes of public meeting on 1 March 2017

    The Chairman indicated that most of the items raised would be dealt with later in this

    evening’s meeting.



    1. NHS-Tayside

    Maurice Gray reported that he had still not received a response from John Swinney

    in connection with the “fraudulent letter” incident.  Chris Ahern asked to be brought

    up to speed on this issue at the end of the meeting.


    Football pitch – Maurice Gray explained that the saga of the Murray Royal pitch began

    approximately four years’ ago and the community is still waiting for PKC to acknowledge

    that the current piece of rough ground is not fit for purpose.

    Given the length of time this dispute has gone on, Graham Fleming wanted to know what BGKCC was going to do to escalate our complaint.  Dave Beattie outlined the difficulties that BGKCC had encountered in dealing with PKC, NHS-T and the Ombudsman on this subject:  it has been nigh-on impossible to arrange meetings with managers at the Murray Royal Hospital/NHS-T, PKC believes that the pitch IS in an acceptable state and seems to think that if they don’t do anything BGKCC will just “go away” and the Ombudsman initially refused to accept BGKCC’s complaint about the pitch/ MRH/NHS-T/PKC because it was not an INDIVIDUAL.  Graham Fleming suggested that the unsatisfactory football pitch issue be aired in the press.  Dave Beattie disclosed that he had been reviewing the situation with John Swinney who singularly seems incapable of doing more than forwarding copies of Dave’s correspondence to NHS-T and PKC!




    1. Treasurer’s Report

    Colin Styles reported that BGKCC had spent funds on printing and distributing the newsletter (£230.40) and a gratuity to the accountant (£9.99).  A further sum will be spent on refurbishing the CC noticeboard at Langley Road.  He then listed BGKCC’s accounts from 1 April to  18 May 2017:


    Friends of Millennium Park                 £ 190.00

    Millennium Park                                  £2957.22

    Community Council (General)            £ 831.84

    TOTAL                                                £3979.06





    1. Planning

                  The Chairman reported that the remaining ground at the Murray Royal site had been

    acquired by Rivertree Residential who had appointed Montagu Evans as their agents.

    An open meeting to inform local residents about the proposed development (40 flats, 70 houses) is scheduled to take place in the Chapel at MRH on 22 June.  Questions were asked about the integrity of the developer, Rivertree Residential, about purchase price paid for the site, and whether the price reflected the absence/presence of planning permission.  Apparently the selling price of £550,000 had been published in The Courier by the Audit Committee.  NHS-T has also revived its application to create another entrance to the Murray Royal land in order to create a separate access to Pitcullen House which will then also be sold for development.


    The Chairman introduced Stephen Greig, recently appointed Community Development

    Manager at The Gannochy Trust who explained that his remit was to look at the Trust’s

    estate and beyond. As he is still in the research phase of his post, which will include considering how best to develop areas such as Quarrymill and the Curly, he was unable to comment on the proposed housing development at Gannochy Road.


    Dave Beattie had attended a meeting at The Gannochy Trust on 15 May and had learned that the Trust planned to build 48 high quality, affordable properties at their Gannochy Road site.  Whilst noting that the CC should applaud the Trust’s initiative, he went on to stress that we should object on the grounds of the total lack of suitable infrastructure.  The traffic problem that may ensue as a result of the additional housing is not represented in the report compiled for the Trust by Mott MacDonald which appears to have used old data and flawed arithmetic.  Dave had made it clear to the Trust that BGKCC would oppose their planning application until the appropriate infrastructure was in place.


    Questions posed by members of the public attending the CC meeting included:


    “why is PKC so intent on surrounding Perth with housing developments?”


    “has PKC considered the effect on the crossing at Bridgend of all the additional housing in the outlying villages such as Balbeggie, Burrelton, Guildtown etc.?”


    “what will the cost be to residents’ health in view of the hugely increased traffic which may be queuing/static for long periods of time?”



    1. PKC Roads

    Daryl McKeown, PKC Roads Officer, explained to the meeting the various types of controlled pedestrian crossing available to the local authority, most of which seem to be named after birds!  Several of these crossings are to be introduced in the BGKCC area in

    2017 along with VAS which show drivers the speed at which their vehicle is travelling and indicating whether they are within the speed limit or need to slow down.

    He reported that traffic surveys carried out on Muirhall Road recorded the volume, speed and direction of traffic on that road.  Members of the public questioned whether a VAS was capable of recording the how well drivers obeyed the commands illustrated on the sign as they drove past.  They were of the opinion that drivers generally ignored signs

    telling them that the speed limit was 20mph and still drove too fast on local roads.  Facing further questions/comments about traffic calming measures Mr McKeown suggested that a traffic planning officer might be best placed to answer them.  Jack Rivett asked if Mr McKeown could set up a meeting between BGKCC and representatives of PKC’s traffic planners.  Queries regarding the route/position of the Cross Tay Link were directed to the PKC internet website with the instruction to enter Cross Tay Link into the search box.


    1. Ward 12 Councillors

    Jack Rivett introduced Chris Ahern and Eric Drysdale and invited them to brief the meeting on their background leading up to them becoming Councillors in Perth and Kinross.  They both expressed their intention to attend BGKCC regularly in the future

    as they understood the value of the Community Council to local residents.



    1. Scone Housing Development

                  The Chairman asked the meeting how many attendees were there in response to the

    newsletter circulated by BGKCC:  approximately 50% had not attended CC meetings before.  Mr Rivett reported that although BGKCC would not be speaking at the Scone Development meeting he had provided data relating to air pollution and traffic concerns.  A member of the public announced that he would be attending that meeting to voice his opposition to the proposed building of approximately 700 houses.


    1. The Millennium Park

    Before setting off on his travels, Terry Myers had reported to the Chairman that, with the help of the Occupational Therapy Department at The Murray Royal Hospital, BGKCC had planted 30 trees supplied by the John Muir Trust.  After the Park Neighbour Consultation when Terry had personally visited all the residents whose properties border the Park to explain the CC’s aims in planting the trees, only one such resident had objected to the exercise.  The Jonathan Gloag Trust had emailed to say they were unhappy with the way BGKCC is managing the Park.

    The Chairman informed the meeting that 2017 sees the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Millennium Park and BGKCC is looking at ways in which to celebrate this milestone.


    The Park furniture (picnic tables, benches etc.) will be painted in June by PKC’s Unpaid Work Team.


    1. 11. AOB

    The Chairman stated that he had received a report from The Murray Royal Hospital on Escorted and Unescorted Leave from the facility:  this indicated that there had only been one instance of late return to the Low Secure Unit.


    An invitation for a member of BGKCC to attend the Kirking of The Council on Sunday, 4 June 2017 had been received from PKC.



    1. Date of the next public meeting:

                  Thursday, 17 August 2017 at 7.30pm in Gannochy Community Hall

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