Minutes from Public Meeting August 17th 2017

  • Minutes from Public Meeting August 17th 2017

    Chairman: Jack Rivett
    Secretary: Moira Bartrop c/o GO@L, 1 Bowerswell Road, PERTH PH2 7DL bgkcc@hotmail.co.uk www.bgk.org.uk

    Minutes of Public Meeting
    Thursday, 17 August 2017


    Present: Jack Rivett (Chair), Dave Beattie (Vice Chair), Colin Styles (Treasurer), Moira Bartrop (Secretary), Ralph Anderson, David Nicoll, Terry Myers, Eric Scott.

    10 members of the public, Murdo Fraser MSP, Cllr Chris Ahern, Cllr Eric Drysdale, Paul Cargill of the PA
    Apologies: Brian Raine, Colin Goodrum, Maurice Gray, Graham Fleming, Police Scotland

    1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and offered apologies.

    2. Police Report.
    Though Sgt Lamb of Police Scotland was unable to attend or submit a report he had asked for any issues to be relayed to him: Colin Styles mentioned speeding traffic approaching the city from Deuchny Woods.

    3. Review of minutes of public meeting on 18 May 2017
    The minutes were proposed by Colin Styles and seconded by Eric Scott.
    Jack Rivett reported that he and David Nicoll had met with John Swinney to discuss the proposed house building at Scone but though sympathetic he was unable to do anything about the development.
    Football Pitch – the pitch has been patched up and re-seeded; Dave Beattie has been informed that the pitch should be playable by September.

    Bellwood Park
    Residents had come to the meeting to ask for guidance on objecting to a neighbouring property being used as a bed and breakfast/guest house with potentially 5 letting bedrooms. Cllr Drysdale pointed out that if 6+ objections to a planning application were received then the application went before the Planning Management Committee so he advised the residents to to PKC Planning Dept. Alistair Anderson asked if BGKCC could assist with the objection. Jack Rivett pointed out that the CC would usually comment on a new building/development but that it was up to neighbours to raise objections to the type of project apparently planned by Ms Dingwall at Woodcroft. Dave Beattie suggested that BGKCC could write to Ms Dingwall asking her intentions regarding her property. Cllr Ahern stated that he had taken note of all the points raised and would get in touch with the Bellwood Park residents

    4. The Millennium Park
    Terry Myers thanked Paul Cargill for his well-written article highlighting the 1 anniversary of the Park, so, although the planned celebrations had been cancelled, the success of the Park had been suitably commemorated. Terry went on to outline an offer from Rotary to plant crocuses in the Millennium Park as part of their Polio Campaign. He will invite representatives of Rotary to view the park to decide where best to carry out the proposed planting.
    Jack Rivett praised the work of the grass cutting team in tidying the verge at the Millennium Park and noted that Greenspace would maintain it.

    5. Treasurer’s Report
    Colin Styles reported that the Community Council’s accounts had not changed since the monthly August meeting and noted that if the General account fell below €700 it would be topped up to that amount by PKC.

    Friends of Millennium Park E 190.00
    Millennium Park 2957.22
    Community Council (General) E 711.90
    TOTAL ±3859.12

    6. Murray Royal Hospital Grounds
    The Chairman reported that, as yet, no application for planning had been lodged with PKC by NI–IS-T and he would try to arrange a meeting with NHS-T to establish what has been sold and what will happen to the Walled Garden. Mrs Cairncross voiced dissatisfaction at the unkempt state of the grounds around Pitcullen House and the potholes in the drive.
    Gannochy Housing Development nothing to report

    7. PKC Roads
    Daryl McKeown, PKC Roads Officer, had told the meeting in May that a Puffin crossing would be created on the Dundee Road – this is now in place but there is no sign of an accompanying VAS
    Jack Rivett informed the meeting that he had received notification that the 40mph speed limit on the Perth – Scone road would be reduced to 30mph from Pedwarden Road.
    PKC’s road consultancy has indicated that there will be a change to the sequence of traffic lights at Bridgend to improve the flow of traffic from Lochie Brae on to the bridge. BGKCC’s suggestion that the right hand lane coming down Lochie Brae be for right turn only and the left hand lane accommodate drivers wishing to go over the bridge or turn left has been dismissed as many people felt this would create too much queuing. In response to comments about drivers from Main Street blocking the yellow box when their exit is not clear Murdo Fraser stated that this was something he would take up with Police Scotland. Jim Barclay suggested installing cameras at the Bridgend junction to identify any “yellow box culprits” — a similar operation in London had alleviated the problem at junctions there and had resulted in considerable revenue for the borough. PKC Roads Dept. had not submitted a report for inclusion in tonight’ s meeting.

    8. PKC Councillors’ Update
    Eric Drysdale reported that he had requested a report on the environmental effect of development at Scone and at the Murray Royal Hospital. He further commented that any change to NHS-Tayside’s mental health provision in the region would impact on traffic at Bridgend. He also voiced concern over plans for the future, non-residential care of young people describing the need for a hub offering specialist medical provision – since this type of care was becoming increasingly expensive PKC might have to consider using an outside agency to supply it.
    Chris Ahern commented on the outcome of the future of the City Hall and plans to upgrade the Museum. He reported that PKC is unhappy at the failure of Perth’s bid to become City of Culture — questions were asked as to whether Perth could be considered for this accolade again in the future and might the Stone of Destiny be brought to the City Hall.
    Colin Styles asked if there was an update on the sale of the property at Rio on the Dundee Road as the overgrowing shrubbery there was compromising the safety of pedestrians. Jack Rivett brought up a similar problem on Manse Road and Mrs Cairncross mentioned the brambles on Bowerswell Road. Previously PKC would ask owners to trim back offending trees/shrubs and had, themselves, cut back trees where they obscured light from street lamps. Chris Ahern said he would investigate. Discussion then followed on the reason for closing roads in the town to accommodate the Salute to Perth and what might happen in the city during the anticipated march organised by the Scottish Defence League in September.

    9. AOB
    Colin Styles praised Mike Irons et al for their work in maintaining the path from Mt Tabor to Corsiehill so that children could walk to school in safety – BGKCC would to thank those concerned.
    David Nicoll queried why a small section of the bank at Potterhill was left to grow wild while the rest of the area was cut back and well-maintained. Chris Ahern said he would look into this and report back.

    10. Date of the next public meeting:

    Thursday, 16 November 2017 at 7.30pm in Gannochy Community Hall

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