The Virus in our Community
    We are moving into uncharted waters and it is imperative that we anticipate some of our community needs such that we can be prepared to give the right support at the right time to the right people. Whilst it is still possible that this crisis may pass with few upheavals in our community, it is equally possible that it will cause significant disruption. This virus is much more serious than seasonal flu and the vulnerable members of our community need to be protected. Elderly people without direct support from families or friends and all those who suffer from specific underlying health conditions are the people who are likely to be seriously impacted by this virus. The aim of our community needs to be to ensure that these individuals don’t become infected.
    If this can be achieved, the community, as a whole, will benefit. This group is most likely to be seriously ill should they succumb to the virus and it is they who will require the emergency hospital beds. If we can keep this group out of hospital, we will free up space for others who are unfortunate enough to need this form of support AND we will reduce the grief caused by the loss of sections of our vulnerable groups.
    It is incumbent on us all to look out for our neighbours. To ensure that members of this vulnerable group can be isolated from the community at large so as to ensure their risk of infection is substantially reduced. We need to support this group by ensuring their wellbeing and support their needs by arranging and aiding with shopping and support to ensure that they can effectively self-isolate.
    All vulnerable individuals may not have the support of friends, neighbours or family to enable such self-isolation. Thus our Community Council is asking for fit volunteers to identify themselves such that we can form a register of those able and willing to help. Please contact via When we have identified our volunteers, we will be asking our community to help us identify those who will need our help and support.
    We encourage everyone who can to actively engage in this effort.

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