Minutes of Annual General Meeting Thursday, 21 October 2021

  • Minutes of Annual General Meeting Thursday, 21 October 2021

    Chairman: David Nicoll


    Secretary: Moira Bartrop bgkcc@hotmail.co.uk



    Minutes of Annual General Meeting

    Thursday, 21 October 2021



    Present: David Nicoll (Chair), Colin Styles (Treasurer), Moira Bartrop (Secretary), Jack Rivett, Maurice Gray, Colin Goodrum, Brian Raine

    Cllr Eric Drysdale and one member of the public,


    Apologies: Dave Beattie, Ralph Anderson, Terry Myers, Graham Fleming, Douglas Scott, Cllr Chris Ahern



    1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and offered apologies.

    The minutes of the meeting on Thursday, 16 May 2019, proposed by Colin Goodrum and seconded by Jack Rivett, were duly adopted.

    The minutes of the Public Meeting (EGM) on Thursday, 21 November 2019 proposed by Colin Styles and seconded by Brian Raine, were duly adopted


    2. Matters Arising

    There were no matters arising


    3. Chairman’s Report

    a. Dangerous parking on Hatton Road – contacted the Monastery and Police Scotland. The Monastery took positive action and there had been no further issues during last year’s lockdown.

    b. Overgrown/overhanging vegetation in Manse Road restricted visibility for drivers – councillors arranged for residents to be contacted and boundary

    lines to be checked. Trees/hedges have been trimmed back and it is to be hoped this will be carried out annually.

    c. Bridgend junction – still problems with the traffic light sequence and yellow box violation. Despite roadworks and re-surfacing there is still considerable flooding at the junction after heavy rain.

    d. Murray Royal Hospital development – BGKCC worked hard to record the traffic flow to highlight the traffic issues problems and resulting poor air quality. There are now monitoring devices at Strathmore Street.

    e. Hillside Hospital development – yet another example where BGKCC’s objections were totally ignored by PKC.

    f. Lord-Lieutenant of Perth and Kinross sent a letter thanking BGKCC for their contribution to helping vulnerable citizens during lockdown.

    g. Jack Rivett was involved in the “Litter Pick”, distributing equipment to anyone who wished to volunteer.

    h. Overhanging shrubbery on Lochie Brae has been removed – we hope this task will be undertaken on a regular basis.

    i. Handrail on Lochie Brae – first reported to PKC in April 2021, the continuing collapse of the rail is an on-going health and safety concern.

    j. Major road repairs have been effected in the locality and Gannochy Road is due to be re-surfaced in November.

    k. Millennium Park – thanks are due to Community Greenspace for the magnificent job they do in regularly cutting the grass, and to himself and Jack Rivett for carrying out the annual maintenance of the park furniture (only cost being for the materials).


    4. Treasurer’s Report – Colin Styles (copy attached)

    Colin Styles noted that there had been two items of expenditure: £120 for website expenses and £8.50 gratuity to Sandra Paterson for auditing BGKCC’s accounts. He confirmed that he will request a “top-up” to BGKCC’s finances from Perth & Kinross Council.

    The accounts were proposed by Jack Rivett and seconded by Brian Raine. These accounts are available to view on PKC’s website.

    The Treasurer thanked Sandra Paterson (Chartered Accountant) and his colleagues at BGKCC for all that they do for the Community Council at their own expense.





    5. Appointments

    The following appointments were made –

    Chair – David Nicoll was proposed by Colin Styles and seconded by Brian Raine

    Vice-Chair – Dave Beattie was proposed by David Nicoll and seconded by Jack Rivett

    Treasurer – Colin Styles was proposed by Jack Rivett and seconded by David Nicoll

    Secretary – Moira Bartrop was proposed by Colin Styles and seconded by Colin Goodrum.



    Date of next AGM: Thursday, 17 October 2022

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