Minutes of Quarterly General Meeting Kinnoull Parish Church Hall Thursday, 21 October 2021 at 7.30pm

  • Minutes of Quarterly General Meeting Kinnoull Parish Church Hall Thursday, 21 October 2021 at 7.30pm

    Chairman: David Nicoll


    Secretary: Moira Bartrop bgkcc@hotmail.co.uk



    Minutes of Quarterly General Meeting

    Kinnoull Parish Church Hall

    Thursday, 21 October 2021 at 7.30pm



    Present: David Nicoll (Chair), Colin Styles (Treasurer), Moira Bartrop (Secretary), Jack Rivett, Maurice Gray, Colin Goodrum, Brian Raine

    Cllr Eric Drysdale and one member of the public


    Apologies: Dave Beattie, Ralph Anderson, Terry Myers, Graham Fleming, Douglas Scott, Cllr Chris Ahern



    1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and offered apologies.


    2. The minutes of the meeting on Thursday, 16 January 2020 were proposed by David Nicoll, seconded by Colin Styles, and duly approved.


    3. Community Forum


    The first question from members of the public queried why PKC does not clean/clear out drains/manhole covers: Cllr Drysdale said he would look into this matter and visit Mount Tabor Lane himself to see the site of one of the problems.


    The challenge of too-high hedges and overhanging branches was brought up and it was noted that as well as making it difficult for motorists and pedestrians to drive/walk safely they also obscured road signs.


    The saga of the missing handrail on Lochie Brae prompted the question why, when PKC grants planning permission, it then fails to ensure that regulations are complied with (viz the new property on Lochie Brae where the handrail was totally removed to allow access to the new build). Further questioning followed as to the existence of a Health and Safety Officer at PKC and a suggestion that an approach might be made to the Health and Safety Executive.


    When Colin Goodrum queried if BGKCC is addressing complaints to the wrong people in PKC Cllr Drysdale noted that elected councillors fare little better in obtaining any response from Council officers. He informed the meeting that the new Chief Executive of PKC, Thomas Glen, would take up the post on 1 November and asked if BGKCC could write to him listing the “top 3” issues affecting our area which he could then bring up with Mr Glen when they met. The discussion moved on to the subject of the point of the Community Council: BGKCC works hard for the local area but feels that PKC merely pays lip-service and/or goes through the motions of consultation then blatantly ignores the opinion/recommendation of the Community Council.



    The “sink hole” that appeared on Bowerswell Road was filled in, but the road surface has deteriorated again and there is concern that there may be problems with the drain further down the road.


    The reports (and supporting photographs can be supplied by David Nicoll) of the many items left behind by contractors around the BGKCC area prompted the questions:

    why are they discarded?

    who is responsible for their recovery?

    who pays the cost of replacing them?

    Cllr Drysdale queried if this was a recent concern. Brian Raine commented that the problem was representative of a general lack of pride in the city that had been growing since 2010. Maurice Gray concurred that it was a cultural problem, an attitude issue.


    Jack Rivett raised the question of traffic control at the Bridgend crossroads as he had had to wait for 15 minutes at the junction during the Game Fair in September for the lights to change. His remarks lead to general comments regarding the gridlock that usually occurs in Perth whenever there is an event taking place in/around the city and highlighted the challenge this poses, not just for local residents, but particularly for the emergency services.


    Residents had been notified that re-surfacing works to Gannochy Road would take place in November. Whilst this improvement is very welcome questions were asked what might then be done about the leaves causing a problem on pavements and blocking roadside drains in the area.

    Cllr Drysdale explained that the capital cost of the equipment required to clean out the drains and the manpower cost to operate them is very high. As Health and Social Care is his remit, he is only too aware of the need to reduce the risk of residents falling as this can have a major knock-on effect on the NHS.


    The electronic timetable in the bus shelter is the responsibility of Stagecoach but it was suggested that we contact Margaret Roy at PKC who will report the issue to them.


    Police Report – none received, nor acknowledgement or apology from Police Scotland. Colin Styles commented that we are not sure if Philip Laing is still the Community Police Officer for the BGKCC area.


    Jack Rivett raised the issue of the “mushrooming” For Sale/Sold signs in the area, notably around Potterhill. Cllr Drysdale advised that there are local bye laws regarding advertising and that legal issues could be addressed to Cllr Parrott and environment ones to Cllr Ahern.


    On the subject of the queues at Dewars Centre where people attended to receive their Covid booster and flu jabs, Cllr Drysdale explained that this was due to greater numbers than before being invited to get their vaccination there. He noted that arrangements at Dewars had been improved but to contact him regarding any issues to do with Health, Social Care and NHS Tayside.


    4. Treasurer’s Report


    BGKCC £ 569.51

    Friends of the MP £ 190.00

    MP £2,507.18

    TOTAL £3,266.69


    The Chairman closed the meeting after noting the date, time and location of the next quarterly meeting is to be confirmed but will likely be Thursday, 20 January 2022 at 7.30pm

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