Minutes of Quarterly Meeting April 21st 2022

  • Minutes of Quarterly Meeting April 21st 2022

    Chair: David Nicoll
    Secretary: Moira Bartrop
    Minutes of Quarterly General Meeting
    Gannochy Community Hall
    Thursday, 21 April 2022 at 7.30pm
    Attending: David Nicoll (Chair), Ralph Anderson, Moira Bartrop, Dave Beattie, Graham Fleming,
    Colin Goodrum, Maurice Gray, Terry Myers, Brian Raine, Jack Rivett, Colin Styles
    Cllr Chris Ahern, Cllr Eric Drysdale, 3 members of the public
    Apologies: David MacLehose
    The Chairman David Nicoll welcomed everyone to the meeting.
    1. Adoption of the minutes of the meeting on Thursday, 21 October 2021
    Proposed by Colin Goodrum, seconded by Colin styles, and duly approved.
    2. Matters arising
    There were no matters arising
    3. Questions from members of the public
    Ralph Anderson posed a question on behalf of Mrs Rimmer, a resident on Gannochy Road, as to
    what could be done about cars parking in front of her house preventing family members from
    parking their cars there.
    Discussion followed as to who might be parking in and around Gannochy creating the
    inconvenience to local residents. People returning to work in the city who had been working
    from home since 2020 were a likely group as were residents from Bridgend who no longer had
    permits to park in the Lochie Brae car park. Cllr Drysdale noted that there are 600-700 requests
    for residents’ parking across the city. Cllr Ahern added that meetings had been held on the
    subject of parking prior to the Covid pandemic but for 18 months PKC had had a whole different
    set of priorities to address. He advised that PKC Roads Department would respond to action
    from local residents. It was decided that the Community Council would draw up a plan of action
    Moira Bartrop asked a question of behalf of David MacLehose, chair of Live Active Leisure,
    who wished to know if BGKCC and/or local residents had any suggestions for the future use of
    the Rodney Pavilion.
    There were several expressions of anger at the closure of the popular and well-used leisure
    facility from residents on “our” side of the city. Colin Styles reflected that there are no
    fitness/leisure facilities in the BGKCC area now despite the growing population.
    Cllr Drysdale informed the meeting that Live Active Leisure works in partnership with Perth and
    Kinross Council and while it makes its own operational decisions, strategic issues are governed
    by a service level agreement.
    That there had been no consultation with the general public raised the question of the legality of
    LAL’s decision to close the Rodney Pavilion. Cllr Drysdale noted that he had raised this subject
    with the Audit Committee.
    At David Nicoll’s proposal that the community council write to David MacLehose, Cllr Ahern
    suggested that BGKCC request consultation on any future use of the Pavilion. It was decided
    that Colin Goodrum would draft a letter.
    4. Traffic sensors at Bridgend
    Further to a conversation with the Roads/Traffic Department a trial has been set up that will see
    the traffic light signal at Bridgend extended when an increase in traffic on Lochie Brae has been
    detected. The trial will last 6 months to allow for traffic numbers to return to pre “working from
    home” levels.
    5. Number Bus 11 revised timing
    After an approach to Stagecoach via Margaret Roy at PKC the No 11 bus service from the city
    centre to Kinnoull between 3.10pm and 4.40pm was re-instated. Monitoring of this service will

    6. Overhanging shrubbery in Manse Road
    Dave Beattie observed that the problem encompasses the whole of the road with drivers having
    to stop as the overhanging trees/shrubs make it difficult/dangerous to proceed when meeting
    another vehicle. Jack Rivett raised the problem of overhanging shrubbery from the wall at
    Potterhill encroaching on the already narrow pavement on Lochie Brae. Colin Styles reminded
    the meeting that last year Cllr Ahern had stated that the work to keep the shrubs/trees in check
    would now be carried out annually. Cllr Ahern responded that he would take the matter up with
    7. Lochie Brae handrail
    David Nicoll commented that it was good to have the new handrail in place at last.
    8. Bowerswell Road repairs (Scottish Water)
    David Nicoll noted that there was still a problem with the sink hole in Bowerswell Road despite
    it having been filled in. Jack Rivett reported that the road feels unsafe when driving over it. Cllr
    Ahern said he would ask PKC to chase Scottish Water on the issue.
    9. Bollards on Smeaton’s Bridge
    Whilst there was favourable comment on the improved appearance of the bollards on Smeaton’s
    Bridge Dave Beattie questioned their function. Brian Raine noted that they made it impossible
    for two people to walk abreast on the pavement.
    It was noted that the Community Payback Team had made a decent job of cleaning the walls of
    the bridge.
    Ralph Anderson reported that new lights had been installed on the bridge some 5 weeks earlier as
    the previous ones had deteriorated.
    Cllr Drysdale informed the meeting that the major works to be carried out on both Smeaton’s and
    the Queen’s bridges has been postponed to 2023/2024.
    10. Police report
    There was no representative from Police Scotland available to attend the meeting due to
    community police officers being re-deployed to response policing as part of a 3-month project
    initiated by Scotland’s Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone.
    11. A.O.B
    The blocked drains on Lochie Brae are still an issue. David Nicoll pointed out that part of the
    problem is that fallen leaves are not swept up and removed in time.
    Cllr Ahern said he would investigate on our behalf and added that there is a major problem with
    the drains on South Street yet Scottish Water insists they are adequate.
    Colin Styles referred Cllr Drysdale to a note from the Community Council meeting held in
    Kinnoull Church Hall on 21 October 2021 when we questioned the purpose of Community
    Councils and asked who to write to with complaints at Perth and Kinross Council. Cllr
    Drysdale had suggested we contact the new Chief Executive at PKC, Thomas Glen, with the
    three top issues that concerned us. Cllr Drysdale reported that he was disappointed that Mr
    Glen had not been in touch with BGKCC as, when he had spoken with him, Mr Glen had said
    that he would like to attend a BGKCC meeting, along with some senior council officers, after
    the local council elections. Though Cllr Drysdale noted that Mr Glen is something of a breath
    of fresh air he added that elected councillors have very little access to PKC officers.
    Dave Beattie suggested that it would be a good idea to invite Mr Glen to attend a BGKCC
    committee meeting rather than a public meeting, in the first instance. Further invitations could
    then be extended to individual PKC directors and senior executives.
    Jack Rivett informed the meeting of an opportunity to meet the 9 candidates standing for
    election in Ward 12 at the forthcoming Council election: The Clubhouse at the North Inch
    Bowling Club at 7pm on Tuesday, 26 April 2022.
    12. Treasurer’s Report
    The treasurer, Colin Styles, reported that two payments had been made from the Community
    Council account: £9.00 gratuity to the auditor and £19.19 for hosting the BGKCC website, a
    total of £28.19
    BGKCC £ 671.81
    Friends of the MP £ 91.16
    MP £2,324.06
    TOTAL £3,087.03
    These figures are confirmed by the latest bank statement.
    The Chairman closed the meeting after noting the date, time and location of the next quarterly
    meeting: Thursday, 21 July 2022 at 7.30pm in the Gannochy Community Hall.

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