23 Dec 2012

Perth’s Fate Now With Scottish Government

Scottish Government Ministers have decided that they will determine the appeal by Grundon against refusal of planning consent for an incinerator in Perth.

Mr Dannie Onn BSc(Hons) Dip Arch RIBA IHBC was appointed to conduct an inquiry and submit a report to Scottish Ministers with recommendations. The inquiry and hearing sessions have now been completed and a timetable has been set for closing submissions on behalf of the inquiry parties. The Reporter expects to deliver his report by March 2013.

Our Chairman, Graham Fleming and our Vice-chairman, Dave Beattie attended all the hearing sessions on our behalf.. Dave, a retired chemical engineer, gave a knowledgeable, informed presentation.  These sessions were described by other attenders as “gruelling” and “boring” so Graham and Dave deserve our gratitude for givng up their time and doing so much work for Perth as a whole, not just our community.

You can find out more on the website of the Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals – http://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk/CaseDetails.aspx?id=qA300651



21 Dec 2012

Murray Royal Hospital Subcontractors’ Meeting

We had a meeting with the subcontractors who are to carry out the demolition of unwanted hospital buildings (Central Demolition) and earth-moving ( P.J.Carey.). We raised the concerns of the community and received the following responses

Street Cleaning. They will use the same machinery as did the main contractors, Morgan Sindall. There will be no washing of tyres.

Covers on Lorries. Demolition lorries will all be covered. Asbestos will be in a lockable sealed skip. For earth-moving it depends on which type of lorry is used. If material falls off, the lorry has not been properly loaded but they promised to supervise. Demolition lorries have built in scales so can not be overloaded.

Working Hours No machines will run before 8a.m.. Lorries will not start before 7.30a.m..They will work 5.5 maybe 6 days a week. There will definitely be no demolition after lunchtime on Saturday and no Sunday working.

Timescales Demolition will take around 10 weeks. It will stop on Friday 21st December and restart on 7th January. Earth-moving will take 5 to 8 weeks. 26,000 cubic metres of earth is to be moved. They will try to coordinate demolition and earth-moving.

Route The route will be Muirhall Road, Gannochy Road, Dupplin Road as before.

Parking All vehicles will be able to get off the roads and on to site. The roadsweeper will park on Gannochy Road to use the hydrant.

Noise There will be crushing on site. They do not foresee having to use big hammers.

Security The site will be patrolled by security guards from 4p.m. to 8a.m.. The perimeter fence will be checked daily. There will be a gate across the access from Gannochy Road.

Given the problems with mud on the roads during Morgan Sindall’s work we are very disappointed that no better system will be used.

The community will also have to put up with the movement of extremely large heavy vehicles again. We can only console ourselves with the fact that it will end one day!



05 Dec 2012

Join in and Help in the Park

You are welcome to join in on Thursday 6th December between 12.30 and 1.30p.m. to help with deer fencing in the Park. The orchard trees are being attacked by deer so FOMPs (Friends of the Park) are going to erect fencing to keep the deer away from the trees. Stakes, netting and nails will be provided but you should bring your own hammer.



03 Dec 2012

Consultation on Local Holidays

Perth & Kinross Council have published a list of  proposed Local Holidays for Perth.

1st and 2nd January

1st April (Easter Monday)

6th and 27th May

9th September

7th October

25th and 26th December

We have until 5th December to send comments to:-

Ailish Laughlin
Business Advisor, Business Growth
Planning & Regeneration
The Environment Service
Pullar House
35 Kinnoull Street
Perth PH1 5GD

Tel: 01738 477946
Mob: 07768797029

The finalised list will be published on the Council’s website.


30 Nov 2012

Grundon Seen Off In Berkshire

The enquiry into Grundon’s application to have a waste facility in the centre of Perth is ongoing. Could what happened in Berkshire happen here?

WASTE giant Grundon has hit out at West Berkshire Council and accused it of blocking jobs and millions of pounds of investment for the district after refusing permission to build a waste incinerator in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
The waste firm released a statement saying it no longer intended to try and obtain permission for a controversial incinerator at Chieveley and said it was “disappointed” with the council’s refusal of its plan, describing it as a “missed opportunity” which will see it persuing investments in other areas of the UK.
This comes seven months after plans for the Energy from Waste (EfW) facility, which would have reportedly processed up to 250,000 tonnes of waste a year and would house a flue stack towering at 74m, were thrown out by West Berkshire Council and the deadline for appeal passed without action.
Director of Estates for Grundon, Andrew Short claimed the facility, proposed for Old Kiln Farm in Chieveley, would have generated £1m a year for the council, while creating permanent jobs for the area and generating enough power for 30,000 local homes. “It is hugely disappointing, this really is a missed opportunity for West Berkshire,” said Mr Short. “Our scheme would have generated up to £1m a year for the council which is quite considerable when you think it could have gone some way to off-setting West Berkshire’s £9m of austerity measures and cuts.” He also claimed that a kitty worth £125,000 was in the pipeline to benefit local community projects, such as the renovation of Hermitage Village Hall. The statement accused West Berkshire Council of failing to address a lack of adequate infrastructure to help relieve pressure on waste disposal services in neighbouring counties, including Oxfordshire and Hampshire. Mr Short said that current systems were not sustainable and the council’s decision would be detrimental to household and business costs. He said: “West Berkshire runs the risk of being left without the infrastructure it needs if individual communities do not accept that regional infrastructure will be required to support the larger community and growth.”  (Story from the Newbury Weekly News.)


30 Nov 2012

Inaugural Meeting of Park Friends Tonight

The first meeting of the Friends of  the Millennium Park (FOMPs) will take place tonight in the Studio of Annat Coach House in Muirhall Road at 6p.m.. Everyone with an interest in the Park is welcome. You can become a Friend by signing up to do some work in the Park or by paying £10 or both.

The Studio is reached by a private lane off  Muirhall Road to the right just before the entrance to the new Murray Royal Hospital. Annat Coach House is the first house on the right.

The Park is a wonderful community asset so whether you are a dog-walker, have children who like to play, want to have a picnic or just feel like sitting to contemplate the view you’re cordially invited to come to share your views on its use and further development.


22 Nov 2012

Waste Collection over the Festive Period

PKC is currently in the process of reminding households that the Council does not uplift waste and recycling on 25 and 26 December, and 1 and 2 January.

Public notices will go into the PA and Courier during the weeks of 3rd and 10th December. Public notice flyers are currently going up in community campuses, libraries, leisure centres and housing offices.
The Council’s website will go live with the information on 3 December
Tweets and Facebook status updates will be put up during December
The latest P&K News includes relevant information

The Customer Service Centre has been briefed
A pre-recorded message option will go live on the General Enquiries and Environment Service phone lines from 3 December 2012 until 5 January 2013.  Callers will have the option to select 1 to listen to information on changes to waste and recycling collections over the festive period.
If you have any questions on this you should contact Veronica Formosa-Hamilton, Waste Awareness Coordinator,The Environment Service, Perth & Kinross Council
01738 475243
Ê  01738 476410
* vformosahamilton@pkc.gov.uk


22 Nov 2012

Waxwing Sightings

A resident of Brompton Terrace reports that over one hundred waxwings swooped down on to a large birch tree in his garden and then, in well-organised groups of about twenty five, took it in turns to fill up with sorbus vilmorinii (rowan) berries. Next day there was a flock of just over fifty. The birds then flew off up Kinnoull Hill. He tells us that it is well worth keeping a look out for this amazing sight.


09 Nov 2012

Incinerator Reporter Sessions Begin on 26th November

Shore Road Incinerator Reporter Sessions will begin on Monday 26th November. They will be held in the Station Hotel and will go on for two weeks. The public is entitled to attend but not to speak.

Our appeal to have risks to the community considered has been upheld. This will be allocated a full day. The rest of the focus will be on noise, air emissions and odour. we have prepared precognitions on Noise and Air Emissions.

Word file: Precognition on Noise 12 November 2012 (95.6KB)

Word file: Precognition on Air Emissions 12 November 2012 (177KB)


08 Nov 2012

Concert in Kinnoull Church

There will be a Concert in Kinnoull Parish Church, Dundee Road on Saturday 10th November at 7.30p.m..
The Concert with Callander Chorale (leader Ian Milligan) has been organised  by Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club in aid of Ann Gloag’s charity ‘Freedom from Fistula Foundation’.
Tickets including refreshments cost £7 (concessions £5) and can be obtained from the Royal George Hotel, George Street or Innovations, 5 Abbot Street, Craigie or at the door. You can also call 01738 633606 to reserve tickets.


26 Oct 2012

Join the Bridgend Action Morning on 10th November

‘Beautiful Perth’ is organising a Bridgend Action Morning on Saturday 10th November and wants you to join in.

You are invited to come along and join in a litter pick and spring bulb and pansy planting. Everyone will meet at Bridgend car park at 10am. Litter pickers, black bags, trowels etc will be provided.

It would be lovely to see some improvement in what is the most run-down, depressing, dilapidated part of our area and work can be fun if it’s a joint activity!

If you have any queries please contact:

Jenny Williams             John Summers
Secretary                     Chairman
01738 476447              07714 228069


16 Oct 2012

Perth Left Bank Development Trust Needs Support

Perth Left Bank Development Trust needs support and better attendance.

While there was an excellent response to the Community Surveyand a good turnout at the meeting where the results of the Survey were unveiled the Trust needs members who are prepared to turn up at the monthly meetings and to help with the work which the Trustees are trying to carry out on our behalf.

They have great plans to regenerate Bridgend and to provide badly needed community facilities. They have already proved their mettle by obtaining grants. The bigger the active membership the less each member has to do.

The next meeting is on Monday 22nd October at 7.30 p.m in Gannochy Community Hall.If you care about our area and would like to see it improved please try to come along.

You can find out more at www.perthleftbank.org.uk


15 Oct 2012

Monastery Planning to be Decided

Perth & Kinross Council has set a date for the Planning Application to build houses on ground attached to St Mary’s Monastery to be decided. It will be on Wednesday 24th October and will be the first item on the Development Control Committee’s list.

The Application Number is 12/00008/FLM. You can find out more on the PKC website www.pkc.gov.uk


11 Oct 2012

Demolition At Murray Royal About To Start

Demolition of the surplus buildings at Murray Royal Hospital is about to start. The huge mounds of earth will also be removed. These works will be carried out by subcontractors; the demolition by Central Demolition and the earthmoving/landscaping by Careys.

Morgan Sindall, the main contractor, is to arrange for members of the Community Council to meet representatives of the subcontractors. We shall have the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns. We intend to ask:-

  • Will they install an on-site tyre washing compound – as found on all good building sites nationally?
  • Will they use street cleaning vehicles which actually lift dirt rather than just spray it on to walls, driveways and pavements or into the drains?.
  • Will lorries moving materials off site be covered?
  • Will hazardous waste be moved and if so what provisions are being made to safeguard local residents?
  • On what days will work be carried out?
  • What will the hours of work be?
  • Will we be informed when especially noisy work is to be carried out?

If you have any other questions or concerns which you would like us to raise please contact us at bgkcc@hotmail.co.uk or write to us at Go@l, Glensaugh Cottage, Bowerswell Road, Perth PH2 7DL

Of course PKC’s planning department and Building Control Officers will be monitoring events and you can always contact them at www.pkc.gov.uk/


08 Oct 2012

Find Us On Facebook

We now have a Facebook Page which we share with the Perth Left Bank Development Trust. You can find it at www.facebook.com/PerthLeftBank 

03 Oct 2012

Our Park has Friends (FOMPs)

Several people have now signed up to be Friends of the Millennium Park (FOMPs).

The Millennium Park on Muirhall Road is a wonderful community asset. Although the Community Council obtained capital funding to lay out and landscape the Park there is no money for ongoing maintenance or improvement. Perth and Kinross Council cut some of the grass but this is just a goodwill arrangement.

The Community Council has set up the Friends of the Millennium Park organisation. FOMPs can agree to work in the Park on one day a month and/or pay £10 for one year’s membership. Signing up for five years would get you a discount as that would cost only £45. The hope is that the Friends would eventually run the Park.

If you are willing to help either way (or both) you too can sign up as a Friend. You can obtain an application form from any Community Councillor or send an email to bgkcc@hotmail.co.uk for a form to be sent to you.


28 Sep 2012

“Beautiful Perth” Bridgend Meeting

There will be an Open meeting on Thursday 4th October at 7.30pm in Chaplinz Bar, Main Street, Bridgend. It is being organised by John Summers and Jenny Williams of “Beautiful Perth”.  It is primarily a follow-up to the positive reaction they received from the Torch Relay and Queen’s Visit.  They are hoping to improve the appearance of Bridgend, renewing the flower displays, replanting the Back Wynd shrubbery, etc. with a bit of local support.

They are looking for people with time to assist them. They want to hear from anyone with any ideas for what to do and whom to involve.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Open Meeting. If you would like to know more or have ideas you can contact John Summers, Chairman, on 07714 228069 or Jenny Williams, Secretary, on 01738 476447.


26 Sep 2012

Need Help To Keep Your Vote?

You could lose your right to vote by failing to complete your Electoral Registration Form by 15th October. These were delivered to every household in August. There has been only a 60% return rate so far.

Mr Bob Gillespie, Development Officer, PKAVS Community Engagement (Voluntary Action Perthshire) tells us that PKAVS has been asked to assist in getting people to complete and return the Electoral Roll form. You can contact him at  Bob.Gillespie@pkavs.org.uk or www.vaperthshire.org

Tel 01738 452210 (DD)  01738 567076 (reception)

You can find further information in our News Item of 30th July “Don’t Lose Your Vote”(Click on “About the Area – Latest News”)


19 Sep 2012

Submission to Incinerator Appeal

The Community Council have made two submissions to the Appeal considering the Shore Road plant. The first details our objections of safety, and the second the failure by Grundon to consider an alternative location when requested.

Submission 1: Carbon Monoxide Risk

Submission 2: Alternative Site Selection Requirement Not Met 


10 Sep 2012

Appeal Against Incinerator Refusal

Following the refusal of the planning application by Grundon Waste Management Ltd. for a waste-to-energy incinerator plant at the site of Doug Holden Scrap Merchants in Shore Road, Perth, the applicant lodged an appeal, which is now in progress.  The Reporter who has been appointed to conduct the appeal will assess all the material which has so far been submitted. He will then arrive at a decision either to uphold the refusal or to overturn the refusal and grant planning permission, perhaps with added planning conditions.

In a pre-examination meeting held on 8 August 2012, the Reporter determined that additional material is still required on a number of topics:  noise, odour, air quality, landscape and visual impact, the safety aspects of carbon monoxide emissions, further views on alternative site selection and traffic/road assessment.  Further meetings will be held in Perth to debate these topics during weeks commencing 26 November 2012 and 3 December 2012.  The applicant, Perth & Kinross Council, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the Community Council, the Scottish Prison Service and invited members of the public will participate.

The Community Council will submit further written articles on the subjects of carbon monoxide risk and alternative site selection by the deadline of 17 September 2012 and will attend all the meetings.


06 Sep 2012

Two Meetings Coming Up

The Community Council will have a joint meeting with the Perth Left Bank Community Development Trust on Tuesday 18th September and its usual meeting on Thursday 20th.

The joint meeting will be held in the Bowling Club, Muirhall Terrace at 7p.m.. There will be updates on Murray Royal Hospital’s travel plan and surplus buildings and on Grundon’s Appeal against Perth & Kinross Council’s refusal of the incinerator at Shore Road. The Community Development Trust will also report on the outcome of the recent community consultation. If being informed about what’s going on in your area is not enough to tempt you to come along there will be wine. soft drinks and crisps available at the Club. If the Perth Left Bank Community Development Trust is to continue it needs your support.

At the usual Community Council meeting in Gannochy Community Hall at 7.30p.m. there will be reports on all current matters and a chance for you to raise any concerns. While there won’t be drink or crisps our local policeman should be there. We also hope that at least one of our Perth & Kinross Councillors will attend.


26 Aug 2012

Look at Bridgend’s Vacant Properties for P&KC

Perth and Kinross Council has appointed a Vacant Property Development Manager to look at vacant properties in Perth. Her remit extends to Bridgend. She recently met two Community Councillors who walked round our area with her pointing out the vacant and dilapidated buidings and providing her with as much history and information as possible.

We very much hope that this will lead to some positive action to help our area. We have already asked Perth and Kinross Council to allow local business owners to buy parking permits and to provide short-term free parking for shoppers or other business customers. We’d be delighted to hear of any other ideas.


26 Aug 2012

New Homewares Business

“Giraffe” in Strathmore Street, next to Chaplinz Bar, is to sell items for the home which we are told will be interesting, unusual and affordable. Many will be sourced from abroad.

“Giraffe” is already well known for supplying party goods and fancy dress. There is short-term parking for customers.


16 Jul 2012

Traffic Lights at Bridgend

The traffic lights at Bridgend were reset for the Game Fair at the beginning of July to allow traffic to flow freely from Dundee/Friarton bridge to Scone and back. This meant that it took a long time to get off Lochie Brae or on to it from the bridge.
This setting remained for the visit of the queen.
Because it is still taking ages for the lights to change we have contacted PKC to ask for the normal traffic flow to be restored. They informed us this morning that they were advised of the problem last Friday and will be having it rectified.
As traffic lights are computerised it is surprising firstly, that rectification can not take place immediately and secondly that whoever reset the lights did not remember to undo the reset and PKC had to be advised about it.
Hopefully we’ll be able to travel freely before too long.

14 Jul 2012

Our Secretary Margaret Has Resigned

We are very sorry to have to report that our Secretary, Margaret Cairns has resigned. Personal and business reasons have forced her decision. She was very efficient and capable and we all enjoyed having her as a member of our team.

Her departure has meant a reallocation of roles. Deirdre Beaton takes over as Secretary, Dave Beattie takes over as Vice Chairman and Rob Burke takes over as Website Administrator and Data Controller.

As always we are looking for new members and associates. If you are interested please contact us or come along to a meeting on the third Thursday of January, March, May (our A.G.M.), June, September and November in Gannochy Community Hall, Haddon Road at 7.30p.m..

If you wish to communicate with the Community Council please send mail to Go@l Training, Glensaugh Cottage, 1 Bowerswell Road, Perth PH2 7DL or email bgkcc@hotmail.co.uk


05 Jul 2012

Perth Bridges to Close for Queen’s Visit

We have een told that both Perth Bridge and the Queen’s Bridge are to be closed for the Queen’s Visit on Friday 6th July. We understand that this will be from 9.30a.m. but have been unable to find out for how long.

According to the Perth & Kinross Council website-

Tay Street from Queens Bridge to Perth Bridge and also High Street between its Tay Street and George Street junctions will be closed to traffic between 7am and noon. Tay Street between the Canal Street and Shore Road junctions will be closed from 8am to around 11.30am. Other roads in the area will be closed for spells during the visit.

It is difficult to judge from that when the bridges will reopen.

Alternative routes will be put in place. Emergency service vehicle and pedestrian access will be maintained.


02 Jul 2012

Murray Royal Hospital Handed Over

The construction of the new Murray Royal Hospital has been completed and it has been handed over to NHS Tayside. Staff were to begin moving in on 22nd June but that was postponed to 2nd July.

As well as a day unit and psychiatric wards there will be low and medium secure units.

Landscaping work and demolition of unwanted buildings has still to be carried out.


10 Jun 2012

Community Council response to latest incinerator appeal

The Community Council has responded to the latest appeal by Grundon on the matter of the proposed waste incinerator at Shore Road, Perth. The Community Council’s letter is attached here.

Word file: Community Council’s 2nd appeal letter against waste plant (63KB)


06 Jun 2012

American Church Youth Choir in Kinnoull Church

Shallowford Church Youth Choir from Atlanta, Georgia is one of the foremost young choirs in America and 60 of their members, with ages ranging from 14 – 18, are undertaking only two performances in Scotland;a Grand Concert in St Giles Kirk, Edinburgh and a concert in Kinnoull Parish Church on Friday 8th June at 7.30p.m.. Tickets cost £6 for adults and £3 for children and include refreshments at the interval. They can be bought from Innovations Dress Agency, 5 Abbot Street, Browns’ Pharmacy 196 High Street or at the door.


28 May 2012

Local Girl to Sing for the Queen

A local girl, Emily Rourke, has been chosen to sing for the Queen at the Diamond Jubilee Service in St. Paul’s Cathedral on 5th June. Emily, who lives in Kinnoull, is eleven years old and is a pupil at RDM School. She is one of only three Scots chosen to sing in the Diamond Choir of 10-13 year olds. Well done Emily!



26 May 2012

Deadline For Shore Road Incinerator Submissions

We have already reported that Grundon have appealed against the refusal to allow them to build a waste processing plant/incinerator at Shore Road.

If you wish to submit any further material to the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals regarding the appeal you must do so by 1st June 2012.

The appeal can be viewed on http://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk (reference PPA/340/2068) or at Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth.



21 May 2012

Olympic Torch Will Come Through Bridgend

The Olympic Torch will come through Bridgend on Tuesday 12th June. We understand that local businesses are being given bunting to boost their already valiant attempts to make the area look less dilapidated.

The Relay is organised overall by LOCOG, the London Olympics Organising Committee with support locally from councils, emergency services and other partner agencies. Information on the route, on what to expect from the Relay, and other features of the Flame’s journey, is available on www.pkc.gov.uk/olympictorchrelay and from LOCOG’s website www.london2012.com



19 May 2012

Wheelie Bin Fires

There has been a spate of wheelie bins being set on fire in our area. Some of these have been close to cars or to houses so were extremely dangerous. Many were in cul-de-sacs or on streets which are not likely to be the way home for late night revellers.

If you notice anything suspicious please call the police immediately. They would rather you called with information even if it eventually proves to be irrelevant. If you don’t they have no way of assessing the situation or of putting a complete picture together.

The number to call is 0300 111 2222 or email our local officer alistair.mclaren@tayside.pnn.police.uk

When police attendance is required promptly call (01738) 892616 or in an emergency call 999.



18 May 2012

We welcome another Community Councillor

We are very pleased to welcome Mrs Anne Paterson to the Community Council. Anne has been coopted and attended her first meetings last night.

The first of these was our Annual General Meeting at which all of our office bearers were re-elected. They are

Graham Fleming – Chairman

Deirdre Beaton – Vice Chairman

Margaret Cairns – Secretary

Colin Styles -Treasurer

The other Community Councillors are Dave Beattie, Rob Burke, Andrew Douglas and Terry Myers.

If you too would like to join us or to be an associate of the Community Council please contact us at bgkcc@hotmail.co.uk or come to a meeting in Gannochy Community Hall or speak to any Community Councillor



10 May 2012

Incinerator Threat Returns

The threat of an incinerator at Shore Road had returned with an appeal by Grundon against the refusal for detailed planning consent. Saturday,12th May, was the latest date for them to appeal before their application fell void..

As objectors, we (and everyone who wrote individual letters of objection) should be advised by PKC of the appeal and will be invited to submit any new information we deem appropriate


03 May 2012

PLBDT Survey Can Help Our Area

The Perth Left Bank Community Development Trust was established last year and aims to improve the quality of life and amenities in the Left Bank area of Perth which includes Bridgend, Gannochy, Kinnoull, Barnhill and Potterhill.

The Trust is looking to develop a Community Plan for the area in consultation with the local community. It is important for the trustees to find out what local people would like to see happening in our area. As part of this process, they are looking to engage with all members of the community, from primary school children all the way up to our more elderly residents.

Key issues are around the run-down nature of Bridgend, the lack of parking, shops and services for the left bank community and the future usage of the surplus land and buildings which will become available following the new developments at the Murray Royal Hospital. The most likely outcome, at this stage, will be to put the area over to new housing. Members of the community may wish to make their voices heard on this and other issues. If you live in the Left Bank and you are interested in the future development of this community, then the trustees would like to hear your opinions.

The Trust has engaged a company called EKOS (a research consultancy) to support it with the development of the Community Plan. One of the ways to provide input to the Community Plan is through a short online survey, the link to which is provided below:


or accessed through Facebook at:


The Trust would be extremely grateful if you could take just five minutes of your time to complete this survey.

Your views and ideas about life in our local area will provide the trustees with important information to write a Community Plan, which will describe what our community needs are and which services and activities we would like to see developed and maintained here.

They would also appreciate if you could forward this email (and link to the survey) to anyone else you know in the local community (family/friends, other local residents, members of local community groups, etc) and ask that they also complete the survey and pass it on to others.

The deadline for completing the survey is 31 May 2012. The information that you provide will be handled by EKOS in the strictest confidence and reported anonymously.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey.



03 May 2012

Could You Help to Provide Old Age Services?

Carr Gomm is an organisation currently working with Perth & Kinross Council to provide Homecare services in rural areas of Perth & Kinross. They are finding it difficult to attract interested people to deliver this vital service.

Local Authorities are not replacing their own homecare workforce as they leave but are using organisations like Carr Gorm but if they cannot attract a workforce, this creates a very real problem. They are currently advertising for Homecare Assistants. If you are interested or would like any further information you can contact

Mike Kirkbride,Regional Operations Manager, Dundee, Perth & Kinross & Fife

Carr Gomm
Number Ten,
10 Constitution Street,
Dundee, DD1 1LL

Mobile: 07973719920
Telephone: 01382 305715
Email: mikekirkbride@carrgomm.org



30 Apr 2012

Concern About Children in Traffic

For many years we have been raising concerns about the safety of children in our area especially on the supposedly safe routes to school. In particular we have highlighted the lack of a footpath in Manse Road and the dangerous crossing at the junction of Lochie Brae, Muirhall Road and Gannochy Road.

After several near accidents Susan Morrison, the Chair of the Kinnoull School Travel Plan has written to PKC’s Education Department to express parents’ concern about children in traffic and to ask for a lollipop person at Back Wynd.

Her letter is available to read here:

PDF file: Letter re School Traffic (63KB)

As there will be a considerable increase in traffic when the new Murray Royal Hospital opens we have been holding talks with NHS Tayside and with PKC to try to have all of the relevant issues, including child safety, addressed. We have not yet managed this.

If you are also concerned you should contact PKC Roads Department or Mrs Morrison at the school. Kinnoull Primary School. You can also send a message on bgkcc@hotmail.co.uk and we shall pass it on.



26 Apr 2012

Murray Royal Hospital On Schedule

The work on the new Murray Royal Hospital is on schedule for completion in Spring so we shall see and hear lots of activity over the next few weeks.

Shadow handovers are under way and are being well received by NHS. Electric commissioning has been completed on each ward although the separate systems have not yet been connected to each other.

The road markings at the junction of Lochy Brae, Muirhall Road and Gannochy Road have been painted by Morgan Sindall. They are about to move the broken pillar at the entrance gate to widen it at the request of  the fire brigade.

Patients should be moving in to the new hospital at the beginning of July.



24 Apr 2012

Our Curling Champion Secretary

Our Secretary, Margaret Cairns, has had great success in curling competitions winning both the Norie-Miller Trophy and the Love Trophy. Congratulations Margaret!



16 Apr 2012

Work proposed at Lochie Brae junction

Work is to be carried out to the junction of Lochie Brae, Gannochy Road and Muirhall Road. The road markings have been worn away making what is a confusing junction at the entrance to Murray Royal Hospital dangerous. Morgan Sindall will erect bollards at the hospital entrance and will put down road markings. They are waiting for a response from PKC to allow them to start.



11 Apr 2012

The Big Knit in Bridgend on Saturday 14th April

Elena Costella Yarn & Fibre Studio at 1-3 Main Street, Bridgend, will play host to a very special event – The Big Knit – on Saturday 14th April from 12pm to 4.30pm. World Record Holder, textile designer and Big Knitter, Ingrid Wagner, will visit Perth, armed with very large knitting needles and her signature recycled Big Knit Yarn. This is a first for Perth and good news for designers, home makers and crafters in Scotland.

Big Knitting, fast, fun & definitely different, is a 21st century approach to a traditional craft and a must for recession-hit and time strapped Britain. It combines UK-manufactured Big Knit Needles up to 1.2m in length and Big Knit yarn, the recycled waste selvedge of industrial weaving, sourced from mills in the UK, Italy & France. It produces high quality interior textiles very quickly. No experience is necessary, patterns are easy and there are no complicated stitches.Sofa throws can be made in 6 hours, a rug in 4 and a cushion in 2.

Ingrid’s work also features curtains, bedcovers, bedrunners, pouffes, baskets and other storage solutions for the home.  All textiles are available in kit form and demand has never been higher.
From 12pm you are invited to turn up and try out Big Knitting for yourself. Big needles, crochet hooks and Big Knit Yarn will all be available for use. Ingrid will demonstrate how it all works and what can be made, and Elena will be on hand to introduce new visitors to her Studio Shop. Refreshments will be served all afternoon.
You can find out more about the event at studio@elenacostella.com or by calling 01738 248024



06 Apr 2012

You Can Comment On Draft Local Development Plan

You can comment on PKC’s long awaited Draft Local Development Plan but must do so by 4p.m. on Tuesday 10th April. You can support proposals as well as stating objections.

We have prepared a draft reply based on views expressed to us by members of the community.

Word file: Summary of Response to LDP April 2012 (24KB)

We support

  • the proposal that the area beside the Monastery should be included in the green belt
  • the embargo on more than 10 houses on the “corridor” either side of Bridgend until the new bridge across the Tay is built
  • a Park & Ride service for the eastern entry to Perth

We have asked that

  • the construction of the new bridge over the Tay be given high piority
  • the housing embargo be extended to our area
  • a site be found for a new Kinnoull School
  • the Murray Royal Hospital Site be listed as an Opportunity Site for mixed use development including community facilities
  • a relief road be built from the A94 to serve any new development (school, housing or community facilities) and Murray Royal Hospital

You can find the Draft Local Development Plan on http://www.pkc.gov.uk/Planning+and+the+environment/Planning/Development+plan/Development+plan+-+new/Local+development+plan/Proposed+Local+Development+Plan.htm

This will let you see the Plan and tell you how to comment.



03 Apr 2012

PKC’s Paint Reuse Project Resumes

From Sunday 1st April 2012, householders in Perth and Kinross will again be able to pass on their unwanted, good quality paint for reuse via the Paint Collection Container at Friarton Recycling Centre.
Castle Furniture Project, which is expanding into the Perth area this spring, will be running a trial scheme to collect water-based paints that can be reused. These include:
* Emulsion (matt, silk, etc), gloss, vinyl, undercoat, primer
* Paint in a container with a securely fitted lid
* Paint where one litre or more is left in the container
Paint with a hazardous symbol on the tin, empty or rusty containers, dried-up paint or paint more than 10 years old cannot be donated.

Donations reprocessed for resale and community use

Silv Ingram of Castle Furniture Project explained: “We take the usable paint to our Glenrothes Reprocessing Facility where we sort the paint into different types – for example emulsion, egg shell, gloss – and into similar colours. After reprocessing, we have a range of different coloured paints which Perth and Kinross householders can buy from our Victoria Street shop in Perth City Centre, in either 2.5 litre containers or 5 litre containers.”

A proportion of the reprocessed paint is also sent to other organisations for donation for individual or community use.

Service available seven days a week

Friarton Recycling Centre is located on Friarton Road, just off Edinburgh Road, in Perth, and is open Mondays to Fridays 9am to 7pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 9am to 5pm.

For more information about the range of materials you can donate for reuse and divert from landfill, please contact Waste Services on 01738 476476, email recycle@pkc.gov.uk



13 Mar 2012

Our Next Meeting is on Thursday 15th March

Our next meeting is on Thursday 15th March at 7.30p.m. in Gannochy Community Hall (off Haddon Road). Our Agenda is on the Notice Boards at the former Post Office and at Langley Drive. If there is an item that interests you feel free to pop in just for that.

As well as the items on the Agenda we have been asked to talk about parking and planted areas at Potterhill.



08 Mar 2012

Perth Left Bank Trust Well Under Way

Perth Left Bank Trust, the Community Development Trust for our area is now well under way thanks to the hard work and dedication of its founding members.

The area covered by the Trust is Barnhill, Bridgend, Gannochy and Kinnoull.  The Trust can raise money in ways not open to the Community Council and invest in projects for the benefit of the community. The Trust’s first activity is a Community Consultation to determine priorities.

The Trust needs more members. If you join you could have a say in what the Trust should do and perhaps have your good ideas put into effect.

If you are under 16 and resident in the area you can join as a Junior Member. You will be informed of Trust activities and can attend meetings. However you cannot vote.

If you have an interest in the Trust, but live outside our area, you can join as an Associate Member. You will be welcome at meetings, and will be informed of Trust activities but you cannot vote. Organisations may also become associate members.

There is no charge for membership, you just download and complete an application form and send it back to the Trust. This is a legal formality – as a member you guarantee to pay a maximum of £1 should the Trust cease operation.

You can find out more at www.perthleftbank.org.uk



21 Feb 2012

Right Of Way To Be Closed For Repair

The Right Of Way leading from Gannochy Road alongside Murray Royal Hospital to Muirhall Road is to be closed for repair. The work will start on 23rd February and is scheduled to take several weeks. It is to be carried out by Perth and Kinross Council. Walkers have been advised to use the Milkboy’s Path and other routes during this time.



15 Feb 2012

Take Extra Care in the Millennium Park

Take extra care in the Millennium Park as a car crashed through the boundary fence this morning. The accident happened near the lower entrance gate. The car has now been removed and we have been told by the police that the Park is safe. However there may be still be shards of glass or metal in the grass so the area to the left of the lower entrance should be avoided meantime, especially by children and dogs.

As the fence has been badly damaged the Park is not secure and dogs could easily escape on to Muirhall Road.



03 Feb 2012

Incinerator latest – planning permission refused

Bridgend, Gannochy & Kinnoull Community Council is pleased with the decision to refuse planning permission for the chemicals plant in the centre of Perth. It is the right decision on the day and we recognise the significant role played, amongst others, by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Perth & Kinross Council’s Environmental Health Manager in compiling a detailed and forceful assessment of the application’s shortcomings.

We must not forget, however, that it has cost so much time, money and anguish. There has been substantial unnecessary cost, both in time and money, for Perth & Kinross Council and for the applicant as we have undergone two planning applications and an appeal. We have experienced unnecessary anguish to so many residents, organisations and businesses in Perth as they have fought against a situation which arose from Perth & Kinross Council’s mistakes, mistakes which of course should have been rectified many years ago.

Let’s remember also that we may still not be finished as Grundon will no doubt consider another appeal.

While congratulating Perth & Kinross Council on their decision we sincerely hope that they will learn significant lessons from this whole sorry affair and that we shall see significant improvements in the performance of their planning function.



31 Jan 2012

Planning application for houses at St Mary’s Monastery – our objection

The Chairman of Bridgend, Gannochy and Kinnoull Community Council has written the following letter, on behalf of the Community Council, which objects to the planning application for houses on the St Mary’s Monastery site.

The full letter is replicated below.


31 January 2012

Mr N Brian
Development Quality Manager
Perth & Kinross Council
Pullar House
35 Kinnoull Street
Perth PH1 5GD

Dear Mr. Brian,

Erection of 19 dwellinghouses | Land 20 Metres East Of St Marys Monastery Hatton Road Perth (12/00008/FLM)

On behalf of Bridgend, Gannochy & Kinnoull Community Council (BGKCC), I am writing to object to the above planning application on the following material considerations:

  1. The proposed development is in an Area of Great Landscape Value, shortly to become designated as Green Belt.
  2. There is inadequate road infrastructure in this part of Perth to accept the load which a further 19 housing units would impose.
  3. In relation to its scope, density and design, the proposed development would detract from the amenity of the Monastery.

Area of great landscape value / Green Belt

The proposed development is in an area designated as AGLV. In a recent meeting, Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) explicitly voted that this be preserved as Green Belt. Any encroachment into this area of Green belt is viewed as unacceptable and directly contrary to the Council’s and Community Council’s wishes.

Inadequate road infrastructure

Contrary to what may be perceived by some in PKC, BGKCC has no objections to new housing development per se. It is not a “NIMBY” organisation. It does, however, reasonably expect PKC to adopt a holistic approach to planning whereby adequate infrastructure is provided in advance to support required development. PKC’s roads planning personnel have informed us for several years that the road infrastructure in Bridgend is at capacity and that there is no solution available to relieve the situation other than the proposed new road crossing from Inveralmond to the A94. The Transport Assessment submitted as long ago as 2006 by NHS Tayside for the Murray Royal Hospital development gives testimony to this, as does the subsequent restriction on the number of parking spaces allocated to the new hospital facilities in order to reduce traffic through Bridgend. As road capacity has been reached (for some years) it would be entirely inappropriate and inconsistent for PKC to dismiss the incremental traffic demand from this proposed development as having no significant impact.

Furthermore, the site will be primarily accessed via Manse Road, Bowerswell Road and Lochie Brae, all of which are well documented and persistent causes of concern and complaint for the local community owing to their inadequate width of roadway, the lack of adequate pavements and the lack of funds for PKC to address these inadequacies.

Setting of the monastery

The site for the proposed development contributes greatly to the present setting of the Monastery. Views of the Monastery are obtained from surrounding public areas. These would be lost entirely by a dense development of two storey buildings. In short, two storey housing development on an elevated site above the Monastery is entirely inappropriate.

Additional comments

While there is an acknowledged body of emotional support which the Monastery has solicited for this application, it should be noted that this planning application is considered vexatious by the community. BGKCC has received no comments supporting the proposal and many objecting to it. These objections include:

a) The proposal is not materially different from the previous application (11/00099/IPM) which was refused by PKC. It neither addresses nor overcomes the previous reasons for refusal.

b) The Monastery is reneging on its promise in 2004 not to sell more land for development following the previous sale of assets to carry out renovations.

c) The previous sale of assets was supposed to have achieved the result of creating a viable operation at the Monastery. It is clear that this has not happened. While there is respect for the service it strives to provide, it is evident that the Monastery does not have a sustainable business plan. Its lack of a viable business plan means it has been unable to obtain adequate grant funding and is now reverting to a proposed sale of assets in a vain attempt to gain some income.

d) Despite the Monastery’s intention not to make any contribution to PKC for affordable housing, it is thought that the proposed sale of assets will still not generate sufficient funding for the Monastery to address the large backlog of fundamental maintenance work which has accumulated through years of neglect.

As a result of the material planning objections, the moral objections and the Monastery’s lack of a viable business plan which are cited above, Bridgend, Gannochy & Kinnoull Community Council objects to this planning application and urges its refusal.

Yours faithfully,

Graham Fleming




31 Jan 2012

Shore Road incinerator – press release

The following is a press release issued by the Bridgend, Gannochy and Kinnoull Community Council regarding the Waste-to-energy Planning Application at Shore Road Perth.

Bridgend Gannochy & Kinnoull Community Council – Press release

Waste-to-energy Planning Application at Shore Road Perth (11/00788/AMM)

We feel a much more professional job has been performed by PKC and SEPA in the determination of this application.
SEPA has taken a strong stance on the many environmental issues and has indicated that they do not believe that this proposal can be permitted. Noise, smell and air emissions all give grounds for significant concern.

PKC has challenged Grundon to justify why the Shore Road site is suited to this development and to indicate which other sites have been considered. PKC has also asked Grundon to explain how their proposed operation may be conducted on this unbuffered, unprotected site.

To all of SEPA’s and PKC’s concerns, Grundon has responded with bland, evasive documents.

Certainly, Grundon has taken some steps to reduce the over-development of the site that was highlighted during the appeal process. In changing their technology to achieve this, they have introduced a whole raft of new problems. The noise levels have increased substantially. There is no mechanism to mitigate the waste smells and emissions have increased.

Whilst we have recognised and highlighted all these problems to PKC, our main worry with this proposal is that it is unsafe in this location. The new technology will result in the production of a highly flammable and very poisonous gas, a mixture of mainly hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

As most people are aware, carbon monoxide is highly toxic. It kills by fixing the blood haemoglobin and blocking the absorption of oxygen. Concentrations as low as 0.3% carbon monoxide will cause death in about 30 minutes. The plant proposed at Shore Road will produce 2000-3000 litres of carbon monoxide each second.  If a main artery were to fail then this is the level of poisonous carbon monoxide that would spill into the prison and South Inch. Even minor gas leaks will be of great concern to the community.

Perversely, Grundon scarcely mentions the production of carbon monoxide, the plant’s major product, in any of their documentation.

Even more perversely, the Health and Safety (HSE) has not objected to this proposal on safety grounds. Current legislation requires that HSE considers whether any existing installation at Shore Road can cause a hazard to Grundon’s plant, but there is no requirement to consider the impact of Grundon’s chemical plant on existing installations. Further, HSE take an interest when dangerous materials are stored but they don’t become involved when dangerous materials are produced, but not stored, whatever the volume.

Our community council’s greatest concern and disappointment is that Grundon’s major Achilles’ heel, the dangerous nature of this proposal and its potential to cause harm to the community as well as the prison occupants, has not been exposed. It is imperative that this issue is included in the forefront of the reasons why this application is refused. PK must include this major safety issue as part of their refusal of this planning application in order that it becomes a material consideration in the event of an appeal.



31 Jan 2012

Shore Road incinerator – public meeting

The Development Control Committee of Perth & Kinross meets on Friday 3rd February at 10.00am, at Dewar’s Rinks. The sole item on the agenda is the Grundon application to build an incinerator in Perth’s Shore Road, which has been recommended for refusal.

The venue has been selected to allow plenty of space for members of the public, so please come along to provide support.



20 Jan 2012

Community Council recognises long service by Colin Styles

At the meeting of Bridgend, Gannochy and Kinnoull Community Council in the Gannochy Hall at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 19 January 2012, there was a formal recognition of the long and distinguished service of Community Councillor Colin Styles.

Fellow Community Councillors, past and present, as well as local PKC councillors, contributed towards gifts which demonstrate their deep appreciation of Colin’s outstanding voluntary work on behalf of the local community.

Colin, who is retired, worked in the Merchant Navy and latterly as a technical adviser with Royal Sun Alliance Engineering. He has served on the Community Council for 25 years, where he is currently treasurer.

All who are involved with BGK Community Council would like to thank Colin and wish him all the best for the future.



02 Jan 2012

Cala’s Monastery Application Consultation

We attended a consultation meeting on Cala’s application to build houses on the site of St Mary’s Monastery.

From the literature provided at the consultation meeting they clearly state the following
Millions of pounds of investment are needed to secure a future for the Monastery

1)       Rooms and corridors are not accessible for those with disabilities
2)       The Monastery does not meet full Health and Safety legislation, with many of the gas fires condemned as unsafe
3)       Rooms are not fit for purpose, with shower and bathroom facilities out of date or non- existent
4)       Electrical and other services are in desperate need of improvement

Planning permission to carry out bathroom renovations was granted by PKC in 2004.

We consider that the above information indicates serious planned neglect of the property and certainly not sudden and unforeseen problems.

Given these concerns, the possible £2 million purchase price of the site by Cala will in no way fund the work necessary
At the consultation meeting Cala’s planning people were asked the following:-

a) What was the average size of a plot? They could not answer

b) Was the housing low density or compact? Their answer was that due to site constraints they could only build on parts of it

c) Would they have to contribute to PKC instead of building affordable housing, ? They stated that if this was necessary they would have to increase the number of houses to pay for it.

We wish to see the Monastery remain in Perth and will do whatever we can to support it. However we do not believe that selling off part of the Monastery land will solve its problems.

18 Oct 2011

Footpath Repairs at Millennium Park

Path Repair

These photos show the work undertaken recently by local volunteers and Community Council members to mend the path through the Millennium Park.

The path was damaged by flood water which swept loose stones and earth into the grass and onto the hard areas of path, creating a gully.