15 Nov 2014

Perth Left Bank CDT Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Perth Left Bank Community Development Trust will be on Monday 24th November at 19:30 in Gannochy Hall. All members (and anyone in our community who who would like to become a member) are invited to attend. Directions and agenda on the website: www.perthleftbank.org.uk.



03 Oct 2014

School Exhibition at Tea on the Tay

A show of pictures by Kinnoull Primary School P3, P5 and P6 year groups is on show from 2nd October at Tea on the Tay.

Entitled “Skylines and Bridges”, the exhibition was arranged by the Trust. Come and see it, to encourage our youngsters and support a local business.


17 Sep 2014

Bertha Park school consultation

Perth and Kinross Council are consulting on a proposal for a new secondary school at Bertha Park. It doesn’t look as if the proposal would directly affect pupils in our area. For details (including meeting dates) see here.



26 Jun 2014

How to Report Potholes

Road faults are often mentioned at our meetings. They can be reported direct to Perth and Kinross Council (see here). We suggest posting them on FixMyStreet.com. A report still goes to P&KC but there is also a public record of when the problem was reported.



28 May 2014

Bridgend Vision Report

The outcome of the Bridgend Charrette, held in March, has been published. It describes a vision of what people want for Bridgend in the future, and the ideas and actions that can help make it happen. Download the report.



23 May 2014

Walled Garden Bedding Plant Sale – Sat. 31st May

The Walled Garden are holding a bedding plant sale on Staurday 31st May, from 10am to 3pm.


22 May 2014

Walks Leaflets

Perth Left Bank Community Development Trust have published a set of three leaflets for walk in our area. See www.perthleftbank.org.uk/walks.

10 Apr 2014

Murray Royal Development Slides – from 25th March

Slides from the consultation meeting on 25th March have been published by NHS Tayside. They give an overview of the preferred masterplan.  See www.nhstayside.scot.nhs.uk/patients/hospital/MRH/MentalHealth/News.shtml.



03 Apr 2014

Bridgend Flooding Report

Perth and Kinross Council commissioned a study into the flooding suffered at Bridgend in recent years. Here is a summary of the report from P&KC. We understand the full report has been discussed with the owners of the properties that were flooded.


The Council have recently had a final report returned by our Consulting Engineers, Capita, for the Bridgend Surface Water Investigation.

The report is not a comprehensive flood study for the area and was undertaken to highlight any potential surface water management opportunities which could be implemented at the Cross to alleviate some of the known surface water flooding issues. The focus of the investigation is therefore very much on potential possible ‘quick win’ opportunities.

The report has found that a number of potential ‘quick-win’ options are available to alleviate some of the surface water flooding problems experienced at Bridgend Cross.

Based on cost, potential benefits and construction issues the report recommends that the Council progress the design of an option to put in high capacity drainage channels at localised low points at Bridgend Cross. The channels would work in tandem with the existing roads system and would assist in providing additional drainage capacity and intercepting additional surface water flow than the current arrangement. The Council is currently procuring topographic survey work in order to inform the design of this potential arrangement and to check that these channels would be suitable and can be successfully outfalled to the Tay.

The report also recommends additional measures such as; ensuring that the current roads system is maintained more frequently to ensure its continual operational effectiveness and property owners taking positive action with regards to property level protection where appropriate.

Perth and Kinross Council’s Flood Team will have to liaise with other relevant departments and relevant Flood Risk Management Authorities (Scottish Water and SEPA) to ensure that the proposals in this report do not conflict with any other proposed works in the local area, and are compliant with the relevant legislation and policies. Also note that Perth and Kinross Council will also have to identify the relevant sources of funding available in order to progress any of the aforementioned options.


17 Mar 2014

Murray Royal Consultation – Tuesday 25th March

The next Murray Royal public meeting – Preferred Option Review – is on Tuesday 25th March at the MRH Hub. Exhibition and drop-in from 1pm, preferred option review sessions at 4:30-6:30 pm and 7:30-9:30 pm. As before, it is important that you are there to give your views.



14 Mar 2014

Bridgend Vision – Update

Many thanks to those who were able to attend the “charrette” meeting in Kinnoull Church Hall on Monday evening (10 March 2014).  It was so encouraging to see so many people there (of all ages) and to have such a high level of active participation in the discussions.   Our thanks go to 7N Architects for their excellent work in facilitating the meeting – and to Donna and Tony from Tea On The Tay for their delicious catering.

The 7N team’s effort was prodigious in preparing so much valuable material in such a comprehensible manner.  If you would like to see their presentation material, either again or possibly for the first time if you weren’t able to attend the meeting, you can view it on the Perth Left Bank Trust’s web site: http://www.perthleftbank.org.uk/

10 Mar 2014

Murray Royal Development Slides

Slides from the consultation meeting on 5th February have just been published by NHS Tayside. See http://www.nhstayside.scot.nhs.uk/patients/hospital/MRH/MentalHealth/News.shtml.



27 Feb 2014

Riverside Park Spring Action Days

PKC Greenspace have a series of spring action days planned at Riverside Park in Perth over the coming weeks largely focussed again on the heather collection. These are:

  • Soil preparation day (ahead of heather planting) Tuesday 4th March
  • Heather pruning day Tuesday 11th March (with the people from Perthshire Heathers who will provide expert training)
  • Heather planting day Tuesday 18th March
  • Planting of shrubs and herbaceous perennials Tuesday 25th March at the Cascades, Norie Miller Park

All dates 9.30am  – 12.30pm on site.  Please wear boots or stout shoes & something warm/waterproof. Tools & gloves will be provided. If you are interesting in getting involved please get in touch with Dave Stubbs, the PKC Greenspace Coordinator. Email dstubbs@pkc.gov.uk or call him on 01738 475347.  He hopes to see you, spade in hand, at one or more of these events!


21 Feb 2014

Help Create a Vibrant Future for Bridgend

The Community Council, together with the Perth Left Bank Trust and Perth & Kinross Council, are working to develop a future for Bridgend. With a grant from the Scottish Government 7N Architects are holding two sessions to get your views. #BridgendFuture

What’s this about?

Planning the future of Perth Left Bank. Whether you live in Bridgend, Kinnoull or Gannochy, we want to hear your ideas about how to make Bridgend a better place.

Who’s organising it?

Perth & Kinross Council, the Community Council, Perth Left Bank Development Trust. The events will be led by a team of external designers and facilitators.

Why should I come?

Designing the future needs ideas from everybody in the community – young and old, business and residents. You know Bridgend and Perth Left Bank best. It’s your place.

Why are there two dates?

On 3rd March, we’ll be asking you what you want Bridgend to be like. On 10th March, we’ll work with you on how to turn those ideas into reality. In between, we’ll be busy researching how to take forward your ideas.

Monday March 3rd – Kinnoull Church Hall

5pm – 6pm Drop-in to chat with the team. Young families, young people, and local business owners particularly welcome.

6pm – 8pm Workshop – What do you want Bridgend to be like?

Monday March 10th – Kinnoull Church Hall

5pm – 6pm Drop-in exhibition

6pm – 8pm Workshop – From Ideas to Reality